Major Site Announcement has undergone many changes over the past few months and in an effort to better serve our growing community of members, we have one more major announcement to make.

As seen above, McLane Stadium is under construction. We are all anxiously awaiting the finished product of the beautiful new home of the Baylor Bears, first to be seen when SMU comes to town on August 31st. With that construction and change, there is a definite date of finality.

BearsIllustrated has been undergoing some changes of its own. While construction is still ongoing, these changes have updated our look and feel substantially. We have a new front page look, that has brought the site out of the early 2000s and into a much more modern look. We have new recruit pages that put the focus on the information you want first and foremost. has also added several additional regional reporters this past year to increase the coverage in the Midlands region even more. There are many more changes planned, as has continued to increase its investment into its site and help build the best recruiting network in the industry.

There is one more big change to announce however. Steve Brischke and Chris Bullajin, after over 9 years of ownership of this wonderful site have decided to move on. Their excellent stewardship of BearsIllustrated have made it a home for recruiting news, and great sports conversations for many people.

So, who will be the new operators of this site? Some familiar faces in Tim Watkins and Kevin Barrera, who have both been working with Chris and Steve to grow this site. Kevin and Tim are excited to take over this wonderful site. We have some big plans to how we are going to be covering the Baylor Bears, and what we can do to not only grow our site, but to grow our reach into the program and what we can give all of you, our loyal subscribers.

"BearsIllustrated is dedicated to providing the latest, and most trusted, information with regards to Baylor Athletics and Recruiting."

Our mission is simple. "BearsIllustrated is dedicated to providing the latest, and most trusted, information with regards to Baylor Athletics and Recruiting." We want to keep providing you the trusted and reliable information that Chris and Steve have been bringing to this community for almost a decade.

We are sure there will be plenty of questions, both for Chris and Steve, along with Kevin and Tim. We will answer what we can. We just ask you to give us a try, and help us grow this community and make it a better overall experience for all involved. Thank you so much for being a part of BearsIllustrated and Sic'em Bears!!!

Tim Watkins - Publisher

Tim Watkins and Family

Tim Watkins is a 2004 graduate of Baylor University with a degree in Marketing and Management. A sales professional by trade with FedEx, Tim has been an avid sports fan for as long as he can remember. He began writing for the Baylor SBNation blog,, in 2012 primarily covering the Baylor men's basetball team and it's trip to the Elite 8 that season. After basketball season ended, he began writing for and has been there ever since. Tim, along with Jennifer, his wife of 5 years, and almost 2-year old son live in Fort Worth, TX.

Kevin Barrera - Recruiting Analyst

Kevin Barrera and Family

Kevin Barrera is a 2008 graduate of Baylor University with a degree in Sports Medicine/Athletic Training. Currently Kevin works in Medical Device Sales, but bleeds Green and Gold, and is an overall sports fan. Kevin had the pleasure of working behind the scenes of Baylor Athletics, and his passion for all things Baylor and recruiting shines through his work. Kevin joined BearsIllustrated in May of 2012, originally in a temporary role, and joined the team in a full time capacity in August and has been covering recruiting since. Kevin, along with his wife Stephanie, and 2 sons Aaron (2 yrs) and Aiden (2 weeks old), live in The Woodlands, TX.

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