Kahlil Haughton Update

The Baylor Bears have built quite a pipeline at local school, Midway (TX) High School, and the Bears are in on another to prospect from the school. BearsIllustrated caught up with 4* Safety, Kahlil Haughton, to get an update on his recruiting.

Baylor has seen several elite level prospects come through their program since Coach Art Briles took over. One school that has aided in the talent influx has been right in Baylor's back yard. Midway has seen several prospects, including Ahmad Dixon, Orion Stewart, Beau Blackshear, come through their program, but one prospect that could be the future of Baylor football is 4-star Safety prospect, Kahlil Haughton. Haughton was spotted taking in the Baylor Junior/Senior prospect camp, this past Friday, at the Allison Indoor Practice Facility and took some time out to speak to BearsIllustrated about his recruitment.

BI: Your'e here checking out the Baylor camp. Anything in particular you are looking at taking away from the camp?

Haughton: I just wanted to come hang out and take in the atmosphere. I really like it here, and have a great relationship with the coaches!

BI:You took recent visits to Texas Tech and Arkansas. How did those visits go?

Haughton: They were great! I was looking for a chance to get out of Waco for a little bit, and check out some schools that I am interested in. I enjoyed my visits.

BI: It has been reported that you would like to make your commitment before the season starts. Is that still your plan?

Haughton: Yes, I would like to make my commitment before the season. But I also need to sit down and speak to my HC about my official visits. He won't want me to commit and then take my official visits.

BI: Can you elaborate on that a little bit more?

Haughton: Definitely. My HC is very strict on us about committing and keeping our commitment. If we are to commit to a school, then he doesn't want us taking our official visits.

BI: How would that play in to your commitment before the season?

Haughton: Well I am still trying to figure out if I want to take my official visits. If I do, then it will push back my commitment. I have a close relationship with these coaches and I don't want to disappoint them by committing without taking my visits. So I may take my visits, just to give myself a chance to make the right decision.

BI: How are things looking heading in to the season?

Haughton: Things are looking great! We return a lot of players. Ben Hicks will be back at QB and he will be great. We just have a lot of talent on both sides of the ball, and are looking to go deep in to the playoffs this year.

BI: Thanks for your time Kahlil and good luck this season!

Haughton: No problem. Thanks!

BearsIllustrated will continue to monitor Haughton's recruitment and bring the you latest on this top prospect and many others!

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