Fall Roster Tidbits

With fall practice starting on Monday, the Bears released an updated roster. What are some of the big takeaways from the new roster?

You can smell the grass. You can feel the heat of summer starting to intensify before the inevitable cooling off of fall. Yes ladies and gentleman, it is almost football time. And with the dawn of a new football season upon us, it is the annual rite of passage to examine every little morsel and scrap of information that comes our way. This scrap is a big one, with the release of a new roster to welcome the start of fall practice Monday afternoon.

All of the expected freshman are on the roster, with the exception of Cordell Dorsey, who did not sign with the Bears due to some legal trouble that he was cleared of at a later date. We have been told he will be on the team, but it does not appear he is an official member yet. Another name missing from the roster is transfer Same Ukwuachu. He was not listed on the spring roster as well. BearsIllustrated is checking with sources to see if there is anything to this.

Out of all of the freshman now listed, the pure size of Blake Blackmar is the most impressive. Already listed at 6-foot-5, 325 pounds, Blackmar has the size to play right away. Luckily, the Bears guard rotation has some good options and depth, so that will probably mean the true freshman will have a greater chance to redshirt.

Of course, there are always “adjustments” to the height and weight of quite a few freshman as they transition from prospects to players. Jourdan Blake shrunk 2 inches, from 6-foot-1 to 5-foot-11. Here is a full list of the freshman with their scout attributes and their Baylor roster attributes:

Number Name Pos Roster Height Scout Height Roster Weight Scout Weight
72 Blackmar, Blake OL 6-5 6-5 325 315
7 Blake, Jourdan DB 5-11 6-1 180 185
9 Cannon, KD WR 5-11 6-0 160 165
85 Feuerbacher, Jordan TE 6-4 6-4.5 245 230
16 Hall, Davion WR 6-2 6-3 200 193
43 Jacobs, Jamie DE 6-3 6-4 225 215
71 Jones, Devonte OL 6-2 6-3 305 305
94 Jones, Xavier DE 6-3 6-3 235 205
77 Lawrence, Patrick OL 6-5 6-5 275 250
97 Lewis, Ira DL 6-3 6-3 280 245
25 Mahon, Blake TE 6-5 6-5 245 230
99 Malin, Josh DE 6-5 6-6 265 240
91 Morris, Andrew DT 6-1 6-2 290 285
70 Pelzel, Josh OL 6-6 6-6 335 320
18 Platt, Chris WR 5-9 5-11 160 170
27 Vaughns, Verkedric DB 5-9 5-10 170 180
18 Waz, Chance DB 5-10 5-11 175 170
22 Williams, Terence RB 6-2 6-2 225 220
8 Zamora, Ishmael WR 6-4 6-3 195 205

Outside of Blake, Chris Platt also shrunk 2 inches, falling from 5-foot-11, to 5-foot-9 while also losing 10 pounds. Everyone else was within an inch of their listed height (though all were the same or shorter). Weights changed both directions though, with several players putting on good weight. Xavier Jones put on 30 pounds in his transition from high school linebacker/defensive end to a full time college end. He is up to 235 pounds. Patrick Lawrence also put on 25 pounds this summer. Ira Lewis was the big gainer though, transitioning from end to defensive tackle and adding 35 pounds to his scout weight.

In terms of returning players that have changed position or had weight loss/gain, Brian Nance is down to 235 pounds. He was up to 255 last year, thus his switch to defensive end. With the weight loss, could the former 4-star linebacker be moving farther from the line of scrimmage? Peni Tagive is also listed formally as a running back, and is 6-foot-3, 235 pounds. The newcomer to football has struggled to settle into a position, but seems to have landed at running back. This would seem logical due to his Australian Rugby experience.

The biggest news to me though is the presence of a new transfer from Mary-Hardin Baylor. A sophomore linebacker by the name of Baylor Black is on the roster. You can't make a name like that up.

2014 Fall Roster

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