Ranking the Big 12 Recruiting Classes

With around 6-months left till signing day, how are each of the Big 12 schools looking for the 2015 recruiting classes?

With every school with at least 8 commitments, quite a few Big 12 schools are well on their way to filling up their 2015 recruiting classes. Some schools are fuller than others. This is a personal ranking, putting more weight on the top-end talent rather than the pure numbers of the class.

1. Texas Tech

Scout Rank – 4th in Big 12, 30th in Nation

Texas Tech is the lone school in the Big 12 with a 5-star recruit in Quarterback Jarrett Stidham. They also have the highest Average star ranking for their recruits at 3.75. To go along with Stidham, they have the second most 4-star recruits including 2 offensive linemen, a defensive lineman, and a star running back. This class is small right now, but they are loaded.

2. Texas

Scout Rank – 1st in Big 12, 16th in Nation

The top ranked class in the Big 12 by Scout, they have 6 more commits than Texas Tech does. This is a very deep and solid class, but one with no 5-stars. In fact, they have just 2 players ranked in the Top 10 at their position (Tackle Toby Weathersby and Guard Patrick Vahe). Half of their commitments are either offensive or defensive linemen, so they are going for bulk first and foremost.

3. Oklahoma

Scout Rank – 6th in Big 12, 39th in Nation

The Sooners got off to a slow start this year, hampered by some decommitments in the spring. However, the summer months have treated them well, with the commitment of 6 recruits since June 1st. They have the third highest per recruit rankings at 3.44, and are tied for the 2nd most 4-star recruits. Four of their commits are in the Top 25 of their respective position.

4. West Virginia

Scout Rank – 3rd in Big 12, 24th in Nation

Tied for the most commits of any Big 12 school, West Virginia is getting a boost from pure numbers right now. Their four commits rated as 4-star caliber recruits is the 2nd most in the Big 12, and they do have four players ranked in the Top 20 of their position. A 3.06 average recruit is the 7th highest in the Big 12, and his hampered by three 2-star recruits, all of which have come since June 9th.

5. Baylor

Scout Rank – 5th in Big 12, 37th in Nation

The Bears got off to a fast start in terms of quality, but have not had a 4-star commit to this class since March 29th. They have also had two decommitments both re-commit to other Big 12 schools (John Humphrey to OU and Louis Brown to UT). The last four commits for the Bears have all been players outside the Top 70 of their positions, and overall they have just 2 players ranked in the Top 20.

6. Oklahoma State

Scout Rank – 7th in Big 12, 45th in Nation

Led by three 4-star recruits, the Cowboys are slowly putting together a solid class. Ronald Jones is the 12th ranked RB in the country, and is the star of the class. Seven of their eight commitments are from Texas, again showing their reliance to their southern neighbors. They have a defensive focused class so far, with 5 commits on that side of the ball, with a major emphasis in terms of quality at the defensive back position where two of their three 4-star commits can be found.

7. TCU

Scout Rank – 2nd in Big 12, 21st in Nation

The biggest difference between Scout’s rank and my own, TCU has fourteen 2-star commits, with just a single Top 20 position ranked player. Their average rank of 3.13 is lower than everyone ahead of them on the list. This is a deep class with little high-impact player’s right now. With more room available for the teams behind them, expect TCU to fall a bit in the overall rankings. TCU is much closer to 4th on this list than 8th though.

8. Kansas State

Scout Rank – 10th in Big 12, 75th in Nation

The junior college players will come, as they always do with Kansas State. Right now though, Coach Snyder is getting his high school commitments in. With all 8 of their commits high schoolers ranked as 3-star recruits, the Wildcats are off to a solid start. They have 3 recruits in the Top-75 of their position ranks.

9. Iowa State

Scout Rank – 9th in Big 12, 73rd in Nation

Iowa State doesn’t have the benefit of junior college players (or the negative of them in rankings either). They simply haven’t yet received the commitment of any top tier talent. They have just three players ranked in the Top 100 of their position, with one being in the Top 40. They have the 2nd worst average recruit ranking at 2.80. Their best recruit is an undersized middle linebacker who is gritty and tough, because of course it is.

10. Kansas

Scout Rank – 8th in Big 12 – 64th in Nation

The the Jayhawks have 6 junior college commitments already, as they look to reinforce their program with talent. They have just 1 high school commit ranked in the Top 50 at their position (QB Ryan Willis). Outside of that, there are a ton of Jucos, led by 4-star Cory Butler. Four players are ranked in the Top 75, but just way too many junior college players to get a real feel on the rankings.

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