Poll Watch

There was some movement in the polls yesterday, but were the Bears able to move up after their 45-0 romping of the SMU Mustangs?

The Coaches and AP Poll came out yesterday, the Bears stayed put at number 10 in the AP poll and moved up one spot to number 9 in the Coaches Poll.

As the number 9 South Carolina Gamecocks lost to their SEC counterpart, the A&M Aggies, it was expected that the Bears would move up at least one spot in both polls. In the AP Poll, however, the Aggies made the absurd jump from 21 to 9, essentially switching spots with the Gamecocks, keeping the Bears at number 10. While this will make many Baylor Bears fans upset, simply due to the fact that it's A&M, Baylor fans should take into consideration the expectations that they have for this Baylor football team. If the Bears are able to meet those expectations throughout the season, then it shouldn't matter what any other team does.

Other notable changes in the AP Poll include Wisconsin moving down to 18 from 14 after their loss to LSU, Clemson down to 23 from 16 after getting stomped by Todd Gurley and the Georgia Bulldogs, and Washington being replaced at 25 by Petrino's Louisville Cardinals.

In the Coaches Poll, all is right with the world as the Bears moved up to number 9, while the Aggies moved up a more reasonable amount to number 13. Also different, Wisconsin fell further to 19, Clemson to 24, and instead of Louisville at 25 it is the T is for Tough Texas. Don't look for Texas to stay in the polls for very long as they have a tough schedule (pun intended) ahead of them, and they will not have their QB David Ash for the foreseeable future, who is once again out with a concussion.

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