Poll Watch

The third week of polls has been released, and the Bears once again rose in the rankings.

The Baylor Bears are on the move again. After a 70-6 shellacking of the Northwestern State Demons by their second string offense on Saturday, the Bears have moved up in both the AP and Coaches Poll. They moved up to number 7 in the Coaches Poll and to number 8 in the AP Poll.

The Bears were able to move up two spots in each poll due to Stanford losing to USC and Michigan State losing to Oregon. Stanford fell to 15 in the AP Poll and 16 in the Coaches Poll, while Michigan State fell to 13 in both polls.

Rounding out the new Top 10 are LSU and USC. USC moved up to 9 in the AP Poll and 10 in the Coaches, while LSU did the inverse. Oregon, after their impressive come from behind win over Michigan State, leapfrogged Alabama in the AP Poll to become the new number 2 team in the country.

Other notable changes in the polls were that Nebraska and North Carolina were both dropped from the AP Poll after unimpressive wins, and BYU and Virginia Tech took their place at 25 and 17 respectively. As predicted Texas' stay in the top 25 of the Coaches Poll was not very long, they were dropped after their huge loss to BYU and replaced by Virginia Tech, who comes in at 19.

Other Big 12 members Oklahoma and Kansas State both won this weekend and are still ranked. Oklahoma stayed put in both the AP and Coaches Poll after their blowout win over Tulsa at 4 and 3 respectively. After a difficult road win in Ames, Kansas State moved up to 19 in the AP Poll but stayed put at 20 in the Coaches Poll.

The entire polls can be found here: POLLS

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