Poll Watch

The fourth series of polls were released this past weekend, and the Bears were once again able to move up.

The Baylor Bears moved up in both the AP and Coaches Poll this past weekend. The Bears are now 7th in the AP Poll and 6th in the Coaches Poll due to Georgia losing to South Carolina this past Saturday in a thriller.

Other movement in the Top 10 of both polls include that Georgia fell from 6 to 13 and 6 to 14 in the AP and Coaches Poll respectively. After Losing to Boston College, USC dropped out of the Top 10 to 17 in the AP Poll and 21 in the Coaches Poll. New members of the AP Top 10 are Notre Dame and Ole Miss, while it's UCLA instead of Notre Dame in the Coaches Poll.

Virginia Tech and Louisville fell out of the AP Poll due to their loses to East Carolina and Virginia respectively. Taking their place are Oklahoma State at 25 and Nebraska at 24. In the Coaches Poll only Virginia Tech was dropped from the Top 25 and and BYU took their place at 23.

In the Big 12, Oklahoma held their spot in the AP Poll at 4, but dropped from 3 to 4 in the Coaches Poll. Kansas State was off last week and dropped one spot in the AP Poll from 19 to 20, but stayed put at 20 in the Coaches Poll. Becoming the fourth Big 12 School in a Top 25, Oklahoma State is now ranked 25th in the AP Poll.

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