BearsIllustrated Roundtable 9/24

In this weeks segment of the Roundtable, the staff looks at what games could give the Bears the most trouble, outside of Oklahoma. Join us inside the premium boards to discuss!

In this weeks segment of the Roundtable, the staff looks at what games could give the Bears the most trouble, outside of Oklahoma. Join us inside the premium boards to discuss!

Tim Watkins - Publisher,

I will always look forward to TCU. They are our primary rival in football right now. Gary Patterson and Art Briles do not like each other, and I love it. Did you see the exhuberent celebration last year as the Bears secured the interception in the end-zone to win in Fort Worth? I can only imagine that Gary Patterson will want payback for that game (and his idiotic rant afterwards about black helicopters and the fake moon-landing, or whatever it was). The Horned Frogs have played the Bears tough the last few years, even beating them at home in 2012. That will be the first REAL game at McLane Stadium as well, and I am anxious to see the environment that Bear fans can create that day.

The other game is at West Virginia. We just saw what they can do against a possibly very good Oklahoma team at home, taking them to halftime all knotted up. The Sooners extended the lead late, but that game was close. The Mountaineers rush defense has been suspect, and was abused against a strong Oklahoma rushing attack. Can the Bears do the same, with a rushing attack that has yet to truly take flight? The Mountaineers will have one of the best passing attacks in the country, so can the Bears younger than average secondary stand up to that? That is the most interesting road game to me outside of Norman.

Kevin Barrera - Recruiting Analyst,

At the beginning of the season, I thought that outside of the Oklahoma game, West Virginia would be our toughest game. However, after watching WVU play Alabama and OU well, I have rethought that opinion. West Virginia is a one dimensional team that really relies on the pass, and does not have a very good running game. This should work well in the Bears favor when they play in Morgantown. With that said, the two toughest games, in my mind, are TCU and Kansas State. TCU is a no-brainer for me because they always scheme Baylor so well. Gary Patterson may be one of the obnoxious coaches out there, but the man knows defense, and TCU is at the top of the rankings of the Big 12 and the Nation every year. And with them installing a new offense and continuing to work out the kinks, they could be a dangerous team in Waco.

With Kansas State, most of you are probably scratching your heads on this one, but the Wildcats are another team that plays the Bears tough every year. You don't have to look to far than a couple of weeks ago, when the Wildcats gave a game away against Auburn. Auburn has an equally explosive offense, compared to the Bears, and the Wildcats were able to neutralize the running game and make Auburn somewhat one dimensional. The great thing is this game is in Waco, at the end of the year, when the Bears are generally at their best. I do feel Baylor wins this game handily, but picking Kansas State should show you how worried I am about Iowa State and West Virginia. I'm not.

Shehan Jeyarajah - Contributor,

This season, my eyes are set on two opponents: West Virginia and TCU. The Mountaineers seemed to be going down the wrong path in 2013, but Clint Trickett has stepped up to look like one of the most improved quarterbacks in college football. With a surely raucous crowd to come, Morgantown no longer looks like a guaranteed win. TCU always plays Baylor tough. Over the last three seasons, Baylor is 2-1; the two losses came by 2 and 3, and the loss came by 25. We don't quite know how good a quarterback Trevone Boykin can be, but if he is able to play to his full potential, Baylor will be given all they can handle at home on Oct. 11.

James Holloway - Contributor,

I said at the beginning of the year that I am not worried about any of our home games as Baylor hasn't lost at home since 2012 against TCU with a less than stellar defense and an off day for the offense. So that leaves me to pick from the Bears away games, and the two I pick are Iowa State and West Virginia. While I am not really scared of either team, I am scared of where they play. Ames is a place where crazy things are known to happen, just ask Oklahoma State. While Iowa State is not that much improved from last year, if at all, neither Robert or Nick were able to win there. Can Bryce break to streak and lead the Bears to victory on Saturday? I believe so. The Bears simply outclass the Cyclones, but the game might not be that easy. Morgantown is no slouch either, just ask Oklahoma State again. West Virginia is much improved from last year as they have been able to hang with a couple of the big boys in Alabama and Oklahoma. They, however, are a bit one dimensional on Offense and have trouble stopping the run on defense. The Bears aren't going to give up 70 points like they did the last time they were there, and they should be able to pull away from WVU much like Oklahoma was.

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