Depth Chart - Baylor vs. Texas

The Bears travel down to Austin to take on the Texas Longhorns. For the first time all year, we might see the full offense out on the field.

The Bears offense saw the return of several key players last week against Iowa State. With the return of Antwan Goodley and Corey Coleman to the starting lineup, plus a surprise return of Clay Fuller late in the game, the Bears were almost completely healthy at the wide receiver position for the first time in 2014. The only injured players yet to return are senior wide receiver Levi Norwood and backup running back Devin Chafin. Both players are expected to return for the Texas game after several good practices this week.

The only other question should be on the offensive line, which saw Jarrell Broxton get quite a bit of time at right guard with Desmine Hilliard sliding over to the left guard spot. That moved seemed to solidify the Bears run blocking, with LaQuan McGowan coming in for key running situations.

Baylor Offense - Week 6
Position First String Second String
WR Antwan Goodley (SR) Davion Hall (FR)
IR Corey Coleman (SO) Levi Norwood(SR)
RT Troy Baker (SR) Jason Osei (SO)
RG Desmine Hilliard (JR) Jarell Broxton (JR)
C Kyle Fuller (SO) Tyler Edwards (SR)
LG Blake Muir (JR) LaQuan McGowan (JR)
LT Spencer Drango (JR) Pat Colbert (JR)
TE Tre'Von Armstead (SO) Gus Penning (JR)
IR KD Cannon (FR) Clay Fuller (SR)
WR Jay Lee (JR) Quan Jones (FR)
QB Bryce Petty (SR) Seth Russell (SO)
RB Shock Linwood (SO) Devin Chafin (SO)
UB Johnny Jefferson (rFR)
Injuries - None

The defense should still be healthy, and have the same starting lineup for the 5th straight game. The main question for Bear fans is the cornerback position opposite Xavien Howard. Current starter Ryan Reid had some struggles against Iowa State, and with the presence of Terrence Singleton, the Bears could go with a larger corner back against the Longhorns. The bet here is that Reid stays the starter for this game though.

Baylor Defense - Week 6
Position First String Second String
RE Shawn Oakman (JR) Javonte Magee (SO)
NT Andrew Billings(SO) Suleiman Masumbuko (JR)
DT Beau Blackshear (JR) Byron Bonds (SO)
LE Jamal Palmer (JR) Kevin Smith (rFR)
WLB Aiavion Edwards(SO) Taylor Young (rFR)
MLB Bryce Hager (SR) <Grant Campbell (JR)
NB Collin Brence (SR) Travon Blanchard<(rFR)
CB Ryan Reid (SO) Terrence Singleton (SO)
DS Orion Stewart (SO) Alfred Pullom (rFR)
CS Terrell Burt (JR) Chance Waz (FR)
CB Xavien Howard (SO) Terrence Singleton (SO)
Injuries - None

With the return of Levi Norwood, the Bears should also be whole on the special teams. Cal Spangler has done a good job of not hurting the Bears in the punt return game, but he has not made any real plays at that position either. When Levi is healthy enough, he should resume the role of primary punt returner.

Baylor Special Teams - Week 6
Position First String Second String
PK Chris Callahan (rFR) Kyle Peterson (JR)
KOS Kyle Peterson (JR) Chris Callahan (rFR)
P Spencer Roth (SR) Kyle Peterson (JR)
KR Johnny Jefferson (rFR) Antwan Goodley (SR)
PR Levi Norwood (SR) Cal Spangler (JR)
LS Jimmy Landes (JR) BJ Jordan (JR)
H Andrew Frerking (JR) Spencer Roth (SR)
Injuries - None (SR)

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