Catching Up with Blake Lynch

Chase Medina, of, catches up with 2015 Baylor commit Blake Lynch to get an update on his season and his reaction to the Bears huge win over TCU.

--- What did you think of the Baylor/TCU game?

I loved it! It was crazy! It made me really want to be out on the field with them. I don’t want to get into too many games like that but it was fun!

--- What do you think about McLane Stadium and the Baylor fans?

McLane Stadium is beautiful. The locker room is amazing and the recruiting room is great. They have PS4’s, Xbox’s, TV’s and they feed you too! The fans were great! They were so loud and it’s an amazing atmosphere!

--- How did it feel to be invited to the Army All-American game? What position will you play in the game?

It really showed me that all of my hard work is paying off. It’s cool because my teammate Kris Boyd is going too. It’ll be fun to get out and compete with other players from across the country. I will be playing receiver at the Army game. I’m just ready to do whatever they ask me to do.

--- You’re playing a number of positions at Gilmer. Which position is your favorite to play and why?

I like to play receiver and corner because they both allow me to use my size.

--- You were offered as an Athlete, but what position do you think you will play at Baylor?

I’ll be playing receiver at Baylor. I come in during the spring and Coach (Kendall) Briles said I’ll be working with him. I’m excited about that.

--- What do you bring to the table that Baylor fans are going to be excited about?

I guess my size and my speed. Since I’m really just learning the position I have a lot of room to improve and get better. I think I have that big play ability. Right now I’m playing inside receiver but I think because of my size I will be on the outside at Baylor.

--- How far do you think Baylor can go this year?

We have the potential to win it all this year! If we play well we can play with any team in the country!

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