Depth Chart - Baylor vs. West Virginia

With the Bears having some injuries before the TCU game, they are no longer at full strength, but who could come back and help Baylor against West Virginia?

For the first time all season, the Bears did not have the same starting lineup on defense, with two key starters out. One, Jamal Palmer, is done for the year, while the other could be making his way back soon from an ankle injury. Offensively, the Bears were without a key backup and had to shuffle the offensive line a little bit against TCU. So, who could be in the lineup for West Virginia?

The two key skill players for the Baylor offense to sit out the TCU win were Johnny Jefferson and Davion Hall. In Jefferson's place, the Bears utilized Corey Coleman and Antwan Goodley out of the back field a bit, and ran Shock Linwood more than they normally would (29 carries, was averaging 20 carries per game). Desmine Hilliard was also limited in the game, though we don't know if it was from injury, performance, or just more rotation in the interior line. Jarrell Broxton got the start and appeared to get most of the playing time, though Hilliard did play some.

Baylor Offense - Week 6
Position First String Second String
WR Antwan Goodley (SR) Davion Hall (FR)
IR Corey Coleman(SO) Levi Norwood (SR)
RT Troy Baker (SR) Jason Osei (SO)
RG Jarell Broxton(JR) Desmine Hilliard (JR)
C Kyle Fuller (SO) Tyler Edwards (SR)
LG Blake Muir (JR) LaQuan McGowan (JR)
LT Spencer Drango (JR) Pat Colbert (JR)
TE Tre'Von Armstead (SO) Gus Penning (JR)
IR KD Cannon (FR) Clay Fuller (SR)
WR Jay Lee (JR) Quan Jones (FR)
QB Bryce Petty (SR) Seth Russell (SO)
RB Shock Linwood (SO) Devin Chafin (SO)
UB Johnny Jefferson (rFR)
Injuries - Johnny Jefferson, Davion Hall

Defensively, the Bears adjusted to the loss of Jamal Palmer by plugging in Kevin Smith for the most part. Smith played most of the game, with Javonte Magee and Brian Nance getting minimal playing time. Smith struggled to set his edge several times at the beginning of the game, but got stronger as the game went on. The other injured starter was Aiavion Edwards, who was replaced by backup Taylor Young. Edwards will get his spot back as soon as he is healthy, but the position is in okay hands as long as Young is good to go as well.

Baylor Defense - Week 6
Position First String Second String
RE Shawn Oakman (JR) Javonte Magee (SO)
NT Andrew Billings(SO) Suleiman Masumbuko (JR)
DT Beau Blackshear (JR) Byron Bonds (SO)
LE Kevin Smith (rFR) Brian Nance (rFR)
WLB Aiavion Edwards (rFR) Taylor Young (rFR)
MLB Bryce Hager (SR) Grant Campbell (JR)
NB Collin Brence (SR) Travon Blanchard<(rFR)
CB Ryan Reid(SO) Terrence Singleton(SO)
DS Orion Stewart (SO) Alfred Pullom (rFR)
CS Terrell Burt (JR) Chance Waz (FR)
CB Xavien Howard(SO) Terrence Singleton (SO)
Injuries - Jamal Palmer (Out for Year), Aiavion Edwards, Terrence Singleton

The special teams unit was fully healthy with the return of Levi Norwood to the punt returner position. Lynx Hawthorne appears to have risen to the top of the kick returner depth chart, with Corey Coleman used sporadically against TCU. Coleman appeared to be much more explosive, but this could be a case of the Bears saving Coleman's legs.

Baylor Special Teams - Week 6
Position First String Second String
PK Chris Callahan (rFR) Kyle Peterson (JR)
KOS Kyle Peterson (JR) Chris Callahan (rFR)
P Spencer Roth (SR) Kyle Peterson (JR)
KR Lynx Hawthorne (JR) Corey Coleman (SO)
PR Levi Norwood (SR) Cal Spangler (JR)
LS Jimmy Landes (JR) BJ Jordan (JR)
H Andrew Frerking (JR) Spencer Roth (SR)
Injuries - None (SR)

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