From The Other Side: West Virginia

Each week, will dig deeper into the opponent by interviewing a media member from the opposing team. This week Kevin Kinder, from, helps us learn more about the West Virginia Mountaineers.

In our sixth question and answer series, BearsIllustrated caught up with Publisher, Kevin Kinder, to dig deeper in to the and answer questions regarding the upcoming game against the West Virginia Mountaineers in Morgantown, West Virginia. This game will be televised nationally on Fox Sports 1 on Saturday, at 11:00 AM. Come inside The Bear Pit, as we discuss this matchup, and the keys to a Baylor victory!

--- Clint Trickett has shown himself to be one of the top QBs in the Big 12 this year. Talk about his growth and the things he has done to improve so much this season.

The biggest reason for Trickett's improvement is that he's healthy. Last year, he was only fully healthy for one game, and in that contest West Virginia knocked off Oklahoma State. He has had another offseason in which to study video and become more comfortable in the offense, but his surgically repaired shoulder has allowed him to make throws which he couldn't a year ago.

--- WVU is known for their passing game, but have shown the ability to run the ball the past two games. How important is it for the WVU offense to run the ball in order to set up the passing game?

It's not a matter so much of setting up the pass, but rather in taking advantage of what the defense gives it. Against Alabama, the Tide played a lot of sngle man coverage, and WVU took advantage with throws to outside receivers. Texas Tech played back, with two deep safeties and lots of help on the wideouts, so WVU ran the ball, with two backs each recording 100 yards. West Virgini ahas enough offensive weapons to attack wherever the defense is weakest -- a concept that Baylor has executed to near perfection over the past couple of years.

--- Darryl Worley came back last week against Tech. Talk about having him back in the secondary, and how the WVU defense will look to slow down Baylor’s offensive attack.

Worley, who has one of the six career picks of Bryce Petty, is WVU's best pure cover corner. He allows the defense to be rolled away from him at times to give support elsewhere, as he is good in single coverage and an excellent tackler. West Virginia isn't good at pressuring the quarterback, so it's going to be very difficult for it to hold the Bears down. It will mix coverages and try to get home with blitzes from the second level, but confusing Petty and causing mistakes will be very difficult.

--- What is the biggest concern for the offense, in facing an improved Baylor defense? What are the biggest worries on defense, facing the Baylor offense, for the Mountaineers?

Offensively, WVU must protect Clint Trickett in the passing game, Baylor's pass rush comes from all angles, and that may force West Virginia to keep additional backs in to block, which obviously limits the effectiveness of the passing game. If that happens, its outside receivers must win one-on-one battles.

Defensively, Baylor's quick scoring strikes are of major concern. While WVU has a good offense, it's not likely to be able to match scoring totals in the fifties, so it has to prevent the big play and make Baylor work its way down the field more methodically while working to get a couple of stops and turnovers.

--- Many people outside of WVU and Texas Tech fans, may not know about the amazing comeback that WVU had last saturday. Talk about how big of a win that was for the Mountaineers, and is there any worry of an emotional letdown on Saturday? How do you see the game playing out?

There won't be any letdown on WVU's side. The 17-0 run West Virginia closed the game on was almost as impressive as Baylor's rally, and was indicative of how far this team has matured since lat year. No matter the situation this year, this team has responded with resiliency, and hasn't panicked or shown any signs of giving up, even when things have gone bad at times. The win over Tech put WVU on the path for a bowl bid this year, so that was a big win, but I don't see any indication that the win will make the Mountaineers complacent.

BearsIllustrated wants to thank Kevin Kinder for taking the time to answer questions. Baylor fans be sure to follow Kevin at BlueGoldNews for all information on West Virginia Football leading up to the 11:00 AM kickoff on Saturday, October 18, in Morgantown, West Virginia.

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