The Cupboard in 1999

So, what was in the cupboard upon Kevin Steele's arrival in 1999 compared to what was supposed to be there? The answer is half a team. For a myriad of reasons, the roster Steele inherited was not the roster Baylor football fans had hoped for. Who wasn't there that was supposed to be and how did this affect Steele's tenure to date? Read on and find out.

First off, let me make the disclaimer that this article is in no way a criticism of any one player in any way, shape or form. The reasons and circumstances surrounding each player listed are different and certainly not always fortunate. Having had friendships with many of these players, it is sad to see what happened to the Baylor football program over the four years examined here.

The debate that brought about this article is basically this: Before the 1999 season, Baylor, TCU and Oklahoma were all in the ame boat and look at where they are now compared to Baylor. If the talent levels were the same then poor coaching must be the problem.

Now, I do not have back media guides for OU or TCU and cannot definitely make statements as to the talent levels of their teams. However, I hope that after reading this you would agree that there is no way that those two schools were in the same position as Baylor.

The basis for my explanations here is to look at the recruiting classes from 1995 to 1998. In the following table I list each member of those four classes and what happened to them while at Baylor. The numbers at the top of each class represents how many in each class either never made it to Baylor, never played at Baylor, transferred out of Baylor, left Baylor, failed out of Baylor, never played significantly at Baylor or never came close to expectations.

Recruiting Classes Since 1995
1998 (13 of 27)
Melvin Barnett - producing as an upperclassman
Eddrick Brooks - 2nd appearance, produced but not up to expectations
Rock Cartwright - never got here
Scott Childress - little production
Chad Crady - transferred to Abilene Christian
John Craig - not here, transferred to SWT
Randy Davis - producing as an upperclassman
Everett Fraser - transferred to Abilene Christian
Ben Gay - went to JC
Ryan Gillenwater - solid career
T.J. Helmcamp - yet to produce, jury is still out
Travis Hicks - has played, now an upperclassman
Brandon Jones - left school
Ethan Kelley - solid career already
Mike Love - never produced
Charles Mann - starting as upperclassman
Derrick Pearcy - in two-deep as an upperclassman
Fred Rogers - came in as JC, solid production
Derrel Simmons - transferred to MCC
Ronald Smith - JC, failed out of Baylor
Whit Smith - quit the football team
Billy Starnes - JC, failed out of Baylor
Kevin Stevenson - solid career already
Andre Taylor - JC, marginal production
Chris Watton - JC, started as two seasons
Adrian White - transferred to Sam Houston St
Tyshaun Whitson - JC, started part-time, injured as senior


1997 (13 of 24)
Samir Al-Amin - outstanding career
David Armstrong - fighting for back-up spot as a senior
Gary Baxter - outstanding career

Terrence Bennett - never got to Baylor

Martin Dossett - limited production
Jon Erickson - former walk-on, solid production as upperclassman

Travis Fisher - never made it to Baylor

Andra Fuller - produced as a frosh, trying to come back as a senior
Derek Jackson - never made it to Baylor
Joe Jackson - solid career
Greg Jerman - solid career
Mickey Jones - never made it to Baylor
Derek Lagway - solid career cut short by injury
Luke Nichols - career cut short by injury
Andrew Obriotti - has started 
Mike Odum - never produced
Demetrio Phillips - in two-deep as a senior
Kyle Staudt - senior starter
Heath Stock - never played
Michael Tellis - never made it to Baylor
Brandon Thompson - played some, career ending injury
James Wegener - transferred out
Charles Williams - never made it to Baylor
Steve York - never played


1996 (11 of 23)
Rodney Artmore - JC, sporadic production
McKinley Bowie - solid career
Eddrick Brooks - JC, sporadic production
Damion Brown - never played
Elijah Burkins - injuries, sporadic production
Darrell Bush - had best season as a soph
John Byrd - never made it to Baylor
Eric Clay - played sporadically throughout career
Ellis Cotton - left Baylor
Melvin Gardener - never played
Leonard Hill - JC, sporadic production
Jason Jackson - best season as a true frosh
Quantaa Jackson - never made it to Baylor
Odell James - injured, limited production
Kris Micheaux - solid career
Quincy Morgan - never made it to Baylor
Robert Neal - limited playing time
Allen Pace - produced as a senior
Fred Rogers - didnt make to BU until 98
Darwin Scott - limited playing time
Joe Walker - never made it to Baylor
Tyson Wilson - never made it to Baylor
Daniel Wilturner - solid career


1995 (13 of 28)
Jermaine Alfred - inconsistent production
Morris Anderson - solid senior season
Sean Armistead - solid senior season
Don Arroyo - two season ending injuries
Kyle Attebury - solid career
Tommie Black - limited playing time
Brandon Bonds - never played
Desmond Brown - never made it to Baylor
Matt Brown - limited playing time, injuries
James Calvin - played as an upperclassman
Mark Cogdill - solid senior season

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