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Baylor's quest for perfection is over, so where do the Bears stand in the polls now after their loss to West Virginia? While the Bears took a bit of a tumble, there is still plenty of College Football left to be played.

The Baylor Bears went into Morgantown, West Virginia and came out with a loss. West Virginia has taken on three top 5 teams already this season, and they finally came away with a victory as they beat 4th ranked Baylor 41-27. This victory allowed the Mountaineers to be ranked 22nd in the AP Poll and 25th in the Coaches Poll. The Bears, on the other hand, fell from 4th to 12th and 13th in the AP and Coaches Polls respectively. The Bears are now the 3rd highest ranked Big 12 team behind TCU at 10 and Kansas State at 11 in both polls. In the Coaches Poll, the Bears are also behind Ohio State at 12.

The only other Top 10 to lose this past weekend was Notre Dame, who lost in another instant classic against Florida State. Notre Dame fell from 5th in both polls to 7th and 8th in the AP and Coaches Polls respectively. Florida State played their best game of the season, but it was not enough for them to get back to the top of the polls. For the second week in a row Mississippi State, who had a bye week, is the top team in the country in both of the major polls. With the Bears losing there are now only 4 undefeated teams in the country, Mississippi State, Florida State, Ole Miss, and Marshall.

Falling out of the polls were Oklahoma State, A&M, and Stanford. Oklahoma State was crushed on the road by TCU, A&M was absolutely demolished by Alabama, and Stanford lost to Arizona State. Taking their places in the AP Poll were West Virginia, LSU, and UCLA, while in the Coaches poll it was Minnesota instead of UCLA.

In the Big 12, there are still 5 teams ranked. Oklahoma lost to Kansas State and is now ranked 17th in the AP Poll and 18th in the Coaches Poll. With the Baylor loss, Big 12 Conference is once again up for grabs between Baylor, TCU, and Kansas State. Kansas State and TCU have yet to play each other, and the Bears still have Kansas State on their schedule. The Big 12 title could once again be decided on the last day of the season, and the Bears are hoping that they will once again find themselves on top.

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