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Tonight, for the first time all year, the College Football Playoff Committee has released its rankings.

The Baylor Bears were idle this past weekend as they got a much needed bye week after their loss to West Virginia the weekend before. The Bears did not fall in either the new AP or Coaches Poll that came out this weekend; in fact, they were able to jump Ohio State who had a mediocre showing against Penn State. So the Bears are now ranked 12th in both the AP and Coaches Poll. Tonight, the College Football Playoff Selection Committee released their first rankings of the year, which are the only rankings that matter going forward, and the Bears came in at 13 right behind one-loss Arizona.

The Bears are not the only school that have a difference between the two major polls and the CFP Committee Rankings. TCU, which is ranked 10th in both the AP and Coaches Poll, is ranked 7th in the CFP Rankings. Notre Dame, ranked 6th and 7th in the AP and Coaches Poll respectively, is ranked 10th in the CFP Rankings. The biggest difference in the CFP Rankings from the AP and Coaches Polls is Ole Miss, who lost to LSU this past weekend, coming in at number 4, while they are ranked 7th and 9th in the AP and Coaches Poll respectively.

The rest of the Top 4 for the CFP Rankings are Mississippi State at number 1, Florida State at number 2, and Auburn at number 3. These would be the teams to make it into the inaugural College Football Playoff if the season ended today. The first two out at this point would be Oregon at number 5 and Alabama at number 6.

Joining TCU as the only other Big 12 school in front of the Bears in the CFP Rankings is Kansas State at number 9. Looking forward, the Bears have to win out to even have a chance to get into the inaugural College Football Playoff. The Bears still have two marquee matchups ahead of them in Oklahoma, who is 18th in the CFP Rankings, and Kansas State, which should help them in the rankings. They also have to not slip up against their lesser opponents, Kansas, Oklahoma State, and Texas Tech.

The Big 12 has the second most teams in the CFP Rankings with 5, falling only behind the SEC which has 6, but also has 4 more teams in the conference. West Virginia closes out the Big 12 at 20th in the CFP Rankings.

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