Baylor vs. Kansas Predictions

A full crowd, a fired up Baylor team, and a Kansas team that is trying to rebuild. What could be in store for the Bears and Jayhawks? The staff gives their thoughts on the Homecoming game this Saturday afternoon.

Kevin Barrera - BearsIllustrated Co-Owner, Recruiting Analyst

Kansas has been respectable the past few weeks, but Baylor is coming off of it’s first loss and a bye week. Kansas will need a miracle and more. Baylor returns some players from injury and is going to be down right angry. This game should be over by halftime. Bears win BIG.

Score: Bears win 63-13

Elliott Coffey - BearsIllustrated Contributor

There is no aspect of this Kanas team that scares me. Between coaching changes, and an all around lack of talent, we will blow them out. We don't lose at home.

Score: Bears win 72-13

Shehan Jeyarajah - BearsIllustrated Contributor, Lariat Sports Editor, and DMN Baylor Blog Writer

Kansas has actually looked much improved after the firing of Charlie Weis. The Jayhawks were only a Tyreek Hill away from an upset of Oklahoma State, and the defense looked solid for much of the night in their last game against Texas Tech. However, Baylor is mad after losing to West Virginia, and Kansas is the sacrificial lamb. Expect the Bears to get right back on track.

Score: Bears win 63-14

Chase Medina - BearsIllustrated Contributor

Baylor is coming off of a big letdown against West Virginia and is looking to get right. Fortunately the Bears are facing Kansas this week. After becoming one of the many one loss teams in the shuffle, the Bears are in the proving business now more than ever. We have already seen that the committee doesn’t respect their head to head win over TCU, so I look for Baylor to come out firing.

In addition to losing their coach, Kansas doesn’t have a QB over 700 yards passing, a RB over 420 yards rushing or a WR with over 300 yards receiving. To put that in perspective, Baylor’s backup QB Seth Russell has 647 yards passing and 7 touchdowns. Both of Kansas’ QB’s have 7 TD’s total. Shock Linwood has 696 yards rushing and Antwan Goodley, Baylor’s second leading receiver, has 473 receiving yards. What does this mean? It means that Kansas does not have the guns to keep up with a Baylor team that is firing on all cylinders.

Although the Kansas defense has improved by only allowing 28 points per game and keeping contests against Tech and OSU close, they have not been good enough to make up for the lack of offensive production. The Jayhawks are still losing by an average of 20 points per game, which includes a 41-3 blowout at the hands of Duke. I expect the Bears to be fired up for homecoming, and after having a bye week to correct some things the Bears will score early and often and get back to their old offensive ways.

Score: Bears win 70-17

Ryan Resch - BearsIllustrated Contributor

I'm not going to lie, I know little of Kansas. I made the conscious decision at the beginning of the season to sacrifice the Jayhawks to my academic schedule and other teams of interest (such as Minnesota, Bowling Green, and Indiana). That said, I am aware of a certain statistic regarding Kansas: it has lost every road game this season by an average of 23 points. This fact, which accounts for the rather awful nature of the team as a whole, does not mix well with Baylor's 700+ day home record without a loss. David Ubben predicted that Baylor would score 98 points, in response to TCU's showing last weekend. I'm not sure I can be quite as generous.

Score: Bears win 68-14

Tim Watkins - BearsIllustrated Co-Owner, Publisher

The only fans that might have been rooting harder for the Bears against West Virginia might have been Kansas fans. You have to imagine that any hopes of a letdown game, or the Bears overlooking their task at hand with the Sooners right around the corner, were dashed as the Bears fell in Morgantown. Add to that, the Bears College Football Playoffs Poll not being very kind to the Bears, and you could be looking at a "perfect-storm" of awfulness headed Kansas' way. The Bears are significantly better than Kansas, and when faced off against teams of that caliber, 50+ points are routine. Expect big numbers from the Bears, and a 50+ point victory in a statement game. I just hope that the 12 committee members have Fox Sports 1 on their cable packages.

Score: Bears win 76-17

Matt Wilson - BearsIllustrated Contributor

All I can picture is the scene from Stormship Troopers where the bugs make it seem like coming to the new planet is safe but the bugs never stop coming over the wall and everyone inside is decimated and torn to shreds and its horrible and bloody and gruesome.

Kansas doesn't have the athletes on either side of the ball to hang with Baylor for very long. Expect them to score 2-3 times, but mostly against a second/third string defense.

Expect the running game to be much sharper.

The only question, when will we see the backups, if at all?

Score: Bears win 77-17

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