Weekend Happenings

What happened around the nation this weekend in college football?

The Bad Part of Football Happened

This is an incredible, amazing sport that brings a lot of enjoyment and happiness to competitors and fans alike. Unfortunately, it can be brutal and horrible too.

Ole Miss, in one play, loses their best player, the possession of the ball, the potential touchdown, the game, and likely any chances at a playoff appearance. Laquon Treadwell caught a screen pass, took it 20 yards for what appeared to be the go-ahead and game winning score. Unfortunately, Treadwell was awkwardly pulled down from behind which caused a season-ending ankle/leg injury.

Click here to see the play, but I warn you, it’s graphic and not pretty.

Get well soon Laquon.

Big 12 Weirdness Happened

Dana Holgorsen and West Virginia, with game in hand, couches already doused in kerosene, nothing left but to continue their game plan efficiently and effectively allowed the horned frogs steal one in Morgantown. This was largely in part due to a very conservative 4th quarter called by Coach Holgorsen, including three 3 & out drives and only one total run play.


Kenny Hill Happened

On Saturday it was announced that Kenny Hill would be suspended for two games for “violation of team rules and athletic department policies”. Freshman Kyle Allen allegedly won the starting QB job before the suspension, and lead the Aggies to a dominant 21-16 win over a now 3-5 Sun Belt school.

Rebel Turtles Happened

Turtles are known to be edgy and stuff so Maryland was just living up to the mascot’s reputation. Not shaking the hands of Penn State captains cost the Terps 15 yards, but Maryland got the win anyway. Everyone watching the game however, lost. Horribly.

#ReadyForOU Happened

Bryce Petty took a different, um, approach, to his postgame interview.


Some are saying that this is an intentional button pressed by Coach Briles. Discuss it here: http://baylor.scout.com/forums/2903-premium-content/13321230-bryce-petty-is-ready-for-ou?s=44

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