Haughton Talks Baylor Visit

BearsIllustrated caught up with 4-star Safety, Kahlil Haughton, to get his thoughts on his most recent official visit to Baylor, this past Saturday.

Kahlil Haughton is one of the most sought after recruits left in the 2015 class. The 4-star Safety prospect from Waco (TX) Midway HS visited the Baylor campus on several occasions, but decided to take one of his official visits to Baylor's Homecoming game against the Kansas Jayhawks this past Saturday.

BearsIllustrated caught up with the nationally ranked prospect to get his reaction to the Bears 60-14 Homecoming win over the Jayhawks, as well as what his plans on for his final visit and a decision date.

--- You have been to the Baylor campus several times. What helped you decide to take one of your official visits to the Baylor campus?

Just talking with my family and my coaches about it. We just decided it would be good to take a visit and see a different side of Baylor.

--- Was there anything in particular you were looking for that you hadn't seen before?

I mainly just wanted to see the players perspective of what it's like to be a student athlete.

--- So, where you able to get the answers you were looking for?

A lot of the guys really enjoy it and they have a lot of team chemistry. They're a really tight group that bonds a lot and don't seem to have any team issues. They also say with the academic support, that Baylor has, that it's a lot easier.

--- Yea it seems that the Baylor Academic staff does a great job.

Yea they said they're always on top of them about grades and assignments so they do a great job of keeping you on track.

--- Thats great! So what did you think about the overall atmosphere and the game in general?

The game atmosphere was great until they started to blow them out. Haha, but it's always nice when fans ask me if I'm having a great time and just express how much they'd like to have me. So I like the fans a lot. It's a really nice family, friendly environment all together.

--- So you have one official visits left. Any thoughts on who that visit may go to?

I'm not sure yet, but it will either be to Notre Dame or Texas Tech. Just depends on the date. I'm still planning to announce after the playoffs.

--- You guys have one more district game left. Any idea who you guys may get in the playoffs?

Yes sir. Last district game this week, then we play at McLane Stadium in the first round. It looks like we may play Tyler Lee right now. We want to represent well and show our talent!

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