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Each week, will dig deeper into the opponent by interviewing a media member from the opposing team. This week Bob Przybylo, from, helps us learn more about the Oklahoma Sooners.

This week, BearsIllustrated caught up with Publisher, Bob Przybylo, to answer questions regarding the upcoming game against the Oklahoma Sooners in Norman, Oklahoma. This game will be televised nationally on Fox Sports 1 on Saturday, at 11:00 AM. Come inside The Bear Pit, as we discuss this matchup, and the keys to this monster game!

--- Trevor Knight had a great game against Iowa State, and it seemed that the Sooners use more of the Diamond formation, to give him more options. Is this a game plan that OU is more comfortable in, or did they see something in the ISU defense that they felt they would have success with that formation?

This is something Knight is definitely more comfortable with, but the problem is OU simply adjusts to what the defense does against the zone read.

There have been games where teams have keyed in on Knight so he hasn’t been a factor in the running game. That obviously wasn’t the case against the Cyclones.

If Baylor stops Knight’s running game, then Knight won’t have a problem giving it to OU’s talented backs. But to everybody it feels like Knight excels more in the passing game when his own running game gets going.

--- The OU rushing attack has been strong with the emergence of Samaje Perine. How important is a great rushing attack to the Sooners offensive game plan, and what will the addition of Keith Ford bring to the OU offense?

It’s tough to imagine Ford making much of a difference in this one. He was injured Sept. 13 in something Bob Stoops thought would take 2-3 weeks, probably going to be closer to 2-3 months at this point.

One spot OU just doesn’t hurt at is running back. Perine has been a major find for this year’s club and Alex Ross is evolving more and more into a better running back with each game.

If OU can’t run, it won’t win. There is no way the Sooners win a game like this simply through the air. OU needs at least 200 on the ground. Nobody is ever going to expect 510 yards again, but it has to be productive.

--- Zack Sanchez has a known history with Baylor, and has become an excellent corner at OU. Talk about his progression to becoming an elite shut down corner, and one of the leaders of the OU defensive backfield.

He has great instincts. And balls he was batting down last season, he is now picking off this time around. He still has a tendency to read the quarterback’s eyes too much and can get beat on double moves.

A shoulder injury really hurt his tackling ability earlier this season, but he’s healthy and is playing extremely well. OU’s secondary is easily the weakest part of the defense, but it has nothing to do with what Sanchez has done on the field.

What he did against Tyler Lockett in the second half, shutting him down to just one catch was a perfect example of what he can do when healthy.

--- After seeing WVU and Texas slow down the Baylor offense with the implementation of a very aggressive 3-3-5 defense, do you see OU attacking Baylor the same way, or will OU rely on their powerful DL and Striker to get pressure on Bryce Petty?

When OU’s defense is effective, it’s flying around and coming hard at the quarterback. Defensive coordinator Mike Stoops admitted he was maybe way too passive during the month of October, and it hurt.

What we found out was OU’s secondary is rather ordinary when OU cannot get pressure on the quarterback. That pressure returned against Iowa State and has to show up this weekend. If OU is going to go down, might as well go down swinging.

Bring the best pass rushers – Eric Striker, Geneo Grissom, Ogbonnia Okoronkwo and let them do what they do best.

--- It seems as though OU will debut some new uniforms for the game this weekend. How is Baylor viewed in the eyes of the team and fans? Do they look at Baylor as the same old Baylor, or is there any type of respect factor for what the Bears have done over the past few years?

Everybody thought this would be the game of the year in the Big 12 and this had been the game many thought those alternate uniforms would debut.

Most players saw last year as a complete embarrassment. Not losing to Baylor, but the way they did. It wasn’t like OU was one play here or there from being in it. They were beat in every way possible, and they haven’t forgotten about that beatdown in Waco.

Fans are a little different. They’re worried about Baylor’s passing game but most still feel like if OU plays like it can, then the Bears pose no problem Saturday afternoon.

BearsIllustrated wants to thank Bob Przybylo for taking the time to answer questions. Baylor fans be sure to follow Bob at Sooners Illustrated for all information on Oklahoma Football leading up to the 11:00 AM kickoff on Saturday, October 18, in Norman, Oklahoma.

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