Quick Thoughts: Baylor vs OU

Yesterdays 48-14 victory over the Oklahoma Sooners was a historic win for the Bears. We take a look at 5 things to take away from this game, as Baylor looks to challenge for a College Football Playoff Final Four spot.

The Baylor Bears went in to Norman, Oklahoma and did something that hasn't happened in the Big 12 era. Trailing 14-3 early in the first half, the Bears reeled off 45 straight un-answered points to hand Oklahoma it's second worst loss in the Bob Stoops era, as the Bears left Oklahoma with a 48-14 win over the Sooners. Much had been said about the Bears and their play leading up to this game, but Baylor made a huge statement to the entire country, that they belonged in the College Football Playoff conversation. After yesterdays win, we take a look at 5 things to take away from the Bears victory.

1. This is the Bryce Petty we have all gotten to know and love

What can you say about Bryce? The kid absolutely shredded the Sooner defense to the tune of 387 yds, and 1 TD. After coining the slogan #ReadyForOU, the senior signal caller made sure that he and the offense were ready. After a slow start to the game, Petty reeled off 18 straight completions by finding several different receivers. This is certainly the Bryce Petty that Baylor fans were hoping to see all season, but let me say better late than never. Baylor fans needed Bryce Petty to have a great game. They needed him to show that the previous games weren't truly him. I think that this was the first time this whole season, that Bryce may have felt 100%. He certainly looked it. He did a lot of play himself out of the Heisman picture, but let me say here and now. If he continues this pace to close out the season, you will see him in New York for the Heisman presentation. Mark it down.

2. Corey Coleman! Welcome to the party!

When I was thinking about who could have a break out game against OU, I immediately thought of Coleman. The OU defense had shown vulnerability in their previous games, but they were still a strong unit. Zach Sanchez was the shut down corner, but after him there is a little bit of a drop off. I felt that if Baylor could isolate him on the outside and Coleman was able to get some space, then he would have a huge day. Boy do I like it when I am right, and trust me it doesn't happen often. :) Coleman had 15 catches for 224 yds and 1 TD. He just abused Julian Wilson, as Wilson was consistently 5+ yards off of Coleman the entire game. The intent was to not get beat deep, but Coleman had a couple of huge catches that went 25+ yards, including his lone TD reception (he ran one in from 5 yds) which was a 33 yd TD pass from Petty. After starting the season injured, Coleman has become the dynamic playmaker that everyone thought he could be. This is great news for Baylor, as it gives them another weapon and takes pressure off of Antwan Goodley, who also had a great game, with a little under 100 yds receiving.

3. Phil Bennett you are my hero!

I mean what can you say about Coach Bennett. The guy puts his defense in the position to be successful every time they step on the field. There were times when Baylor fans only asked for a defense that wasn't horrendous. They just wanted a defense that was a little better than awful because the offense was so electric that they only needed one stop from the defense the whole game. Now the defense is beginning to stand on the same footing as the offense. The DL just dominated the Oklahoma OL the whole game, especially in the second half. Andrew Billings once again proved that he should be in consideration for Defensive Player of the Year, in the Big 12. Coming out of halftime, it was important that the Baylor defense kept the foot on the throat of the OU offense to keep them from gaining momentum. Well I think it is safe to say that did that, as OU gained less than 100 yds in the second half. This was one of the most dominant performances in Bennetts tenure as DC and it came at one of the most important times in this programs history.

4. Did Baylor just do that?

Yes.....yes they did. Baylor was at one point a 5.5 pt underdog to Oklahoma, and frankly I didn't disagree with that. Baylor hand't won in Norman since probably before my parents were born, and nothing that Baylor had shown the few weeks before gave anyone 100% confidence they could go in and beat the Sooners. This game had all the makings of the OSU game from last year. I chose Baylor to win this game in my predictions last week because I felt that the mental strangle-hold that teams like OU, OSU, and Texas had on the Bears was gone due to the success the Bears have had recently. Well that confidence went way, way down when the team was trailing 14-3 early in the game. I thought Baylor would get back in it, but it would be tough to win. Well let me say out loud "THANK YOU TEXAS FOR NOT OFFERING Bryce Hager!" Seriously, how HUGE of an INT was that, and such a great time for his FIRST. I was hoping that he took it to the house, but as replay showed he was down inside the 1. So lets put this thing in perspective. Baylor hadn't won in Norman ever, hadn't beaten a ranked team on the road in forever, handed Bob Stoops one of his top 3 biggest losses in his career, and handed OU its first back-to-back losses at home in program history. That my friends is a very special day.

5. Baylor is clearly in the drivers seat for back to back Big 12 Championships!

We will get more in to this later this week, not that the debate hasn't already started, but Baylor is clearly in the drivers seat for it's 2nd Big 12 Championship and WILL be the Big 12 representative in the CFB Playoff, should the Big 12 get a spot. Who could have seen this coming 5-10 yrs ago? I'll admit, it wasn't me, and I'm sure there is a high percentage of folks that never saw this coming either. What Coach Art Briles and his staff have done at Baylor is nothing short of remarkable. TCU can talk all they want about how they deserve to be in the playoff ahead of Baylor, but one fact remains. Baylor BEAT TCU. In my opinion, and frankly every media representative, the fact that Baylor owns the head to head win against TCU, should help to push Baylor over TCU at the end of the season, should both teams end up with identical records. There is still a ton of football to be played, but it's safe to say that Baylor put themselves in a great position for the playoff, with their dominating win on Saturday!

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