Weekend Happenings 11/8

These are the lesser talked about but still important things that happened in college football this weekend:

ESS EEE CEE Happened

Ohhhhhh Auburn. The luck has seemingly ran out. After a nice run of close (some read that as “lucky”) wins, Texas A&M went on the road with a true freshman QB and stole one from the Fightin War Eagle Hawk Tigers.

UNC Academics (Allegedly) Did Not Happen

A man called a radio show in Greensboro, N.C. and identified himself as former North Carolina defensive lineman Tydreke Powell. What he had to say about UNC academic… um…. priority was not glowing.

"If you ain't inside of there, you don't know what's going on. But Butch Davis (UNC football coach until he was fired in 2011) came into a meeting one day and he said 'If y'all came here for an education, you should've went to Harvard,’” Powell said.

Oh. This joins a lot of other smoke and allegations of academic impropriety around the UNC athletics department as a whole.

Braxton Miller Talk Happened

Since J.T. Barrett dismantled what the nation previously thought was a pretty good defense in Michigan State, there has been discussion regarding what Urban Meyer does with the QB starting spot. Assuming Braxton Miller comes back (he’s talked about it before), that puts Ohio State with the question of who takes all of the snaps… or a majority of the snaps… or half the snaps… or some snaps for a certain game… or...

Kansas Happened

Kansas whooped up on Iowa State, and decided it was time to tear down the goal posts after their first (and likely only) conference win. Keep doin’ you, Jayhawks fans.

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