Baylor vs Oklahoma State Game Predictions

The Bears are rested and getting ready for a Black-Out game against Oklahoma State. Find out who the BearsIllustrated staff likes tonight!

Kevin Barrera - BearsIllustrated Co-Owner, Recruiting Analyst

OSU is limping in to Waco and there are lots of rumblings about Dax Garman not playing. Look for the Baylor defense to blitz early and often to disrupt the flow of the OSU offense. Tyreik Hill will be an X factor for OSU for whether or not they will be able to move the ball. I don't think he does enough. Another factor is Baylor just being Baylor. If they continue to improve and build off of the OU won, there is not a team in the country that can stay with Baylor. Bears win big.

Score: Sooners Win 66-17

Elliot Coffey - BearsIllustrated Contributor

Okie State is a talented team that historically, we play very poor against. The squad loaded with talent and shouldn't be taken lightly. With Daxx Garman out and Mason Rudolph in, you have a 5-5 team looking to get bowl eligible and salvage their season. That being said, they're walking into waco to play a juggernaut that doesn't lose at home.

Score: Sooners Win 63-14

James Holloway - BearsIllustrated Contributor

The Bears might be playing at their best of all season, the Cowpokes on the other hand are not. It's a home game, which never worry me, and it's the blackout game so the atmosphere is going to be electric. It might be raining though, if it is look for us to keep it simple by running the ball and throwing short routes. If the weather was better I'd pick more points, but I'm going to go a big Bears win.

Score: Sooners Win 55-17

Chase Medina - BearsIllustrated Contributor

This game is exciting because the Bears could be playing their best football of the year. With two weeks to prepare for the Cowboys, I expect Baylor to come out clicking on all cylinders. If Baylor can carry the momentum they gained during the Oklahoma game through the rest of the season, they should win out.

Oklahoma State should not be overlooked though. Any Big 12 game is a tough game. OSU is down this year, but they are only one win away from bowl eligibility. Although they are in the midst of a four game skid, they do have a good defense. The problem is that the defense is often on the field too much and gets worn down. OSU’s QB Daxx Garman is also questionable, so they could be leaning on an unknown commodity on offense, which won’t help matters. All in all, once the Cowboys hit the meat of their schedule they have not been able to put things together. During their four game stretch against TCU, WVU, K-State, and Texas, the Cowboys are losing by an average score of 38-10. There is just no offensive production against the top teams in the conference. They have also showed their inability to get into a shootout like in years past. The one weapon on offense that Baylor must be aware of at all times is Tyreek Hill. Hill is one of the most explosive players in the conference and has the ability to score from anywhere on the field. As long as the Bears key on him and stay in their lanes, they should be fine.

Baylor needs to keep playing Baylor Football. Bryce Petty needs to be the QB we saw in Norman, and the defense needs to continue to step up and play up to their potential. As long as the weather cooperates, I don’t see a reason why the Bears can’t score 70 plus points. Baylor has a lot to prove to the committee and they are mad, which is the perfect recipe for a Baylor win.

Score: Bears win 73-14

Ryan Resch - BearsIllustrated Contributor

To be honest, I cannot bring myself to worry about this game. The quarterback situation for Gundy is so unstable at the moment that it only adds fuel to the fire for our defensive linemen. Bennett will be looking to make a statement for his defense, which is consistently overlooked by the national narrative, and will dial up even more schemes to pressure the QB and force turnovers. Offensively, I see little struggle for the Bears. OSU simply does not have the defensive athletes to keep up with our barrage of wide receivers, running backs, and Petty

Score: Bears win 67-17

Tim Watkins - BearsIllustrated Co-Owner, Publisher

If the weather weren't a massive issue coming into this Saturday night's game, I would probably add another 20 points to the Bears total. The weather will be an issue for sure, best case causing a few delays. Worst case though, this game could drag on well into Sunday morning. The Cowboys are not a very good team right now. In fact, they might be the worst or second worst team in the Big 12 right now. They looked flat and uninspired against Texas last week. With even more injuries to deal with, and possibly a 3rd starting quarterback behind a shaky offense line? This could get bad for the Cowboys. This should be an easy win, even in a monsoon.

Score: Bears win 56-10

Matt Wilson - BearsIllustrated Contributor

Potential 3rd string QB + less than ideal weather + away game + a team with a ton of motivation to destroy the will and hope of everyone in front of them?

Sounds like a nice recipe for blood.

Score: Bears win 52-14

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