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The College Football Playoff Selection Committee release their second to last rankings last night, and the Baylor Bears were able to move up.

With Mississippi State losing to Ole Miss this past weekend, there was going to be some movement in the top 7. The Bears moved up only one spot to number 6, still behind Ohio State who moved up one spot as well to number 5. TCU, however, which was number 5 last week, jumped two spots to number 3. TCU jumped ahead of undefeated Florida State, which fell to number four. Rounding out the top 4 is Alabama at number 1, and Oregon at number 2.

There are two things here that are not good here for the Bears: first, TCU is now three spots ahead of Baylor with an undefeated team in between them now, and second, despite Ohio State losing their second starting QB this season and having a what many people think is a worse resume compared to the Bears, they are still ahead of Baylor. Florida State, if it remains undefeated, will act as a buffer between Baylor and TCU that will make it impossible for their resumes to ever be comparable enough to where the Selection Committee would enforce head-to-head. Ohio State still being ahead of the Bears means that even if one team in the top 4 loses this coming weekend, it would be the Buckeyes and not the Bears that would take that spot.

Despite moving up a spot, the Bears are exactly where they were a week ago in the fact that they need two teams ahead of them to lose. TCU is the least likely of those teams to do so as they are playing Iowa State at home. Florida State will take on a Georgia Tech team that is coming off an overtime victory against Georgia. Oregon takes on Arizona in a rematch of which the Wildcats got the upper-hand last time the two teams played. Ohio State plays Wisconsin, which should be interesting to watch the Ohio State defense try and stop Heisman contender, Melvin Gordon. Finally, Alabama will go against the surprise SEC East champ, the Missouri Tigers, in the Georgia Dome. There is definitely opportunity for chaos to happen with that schedule, but the Bears will need to take care of business themselves this weekend against a tough Kansas State team. So at this point, all Baylor can do is just win and see where the puzzle pieces fall before this playoff is put together.

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