Baylor vs Kansas State Predictions

How does the BearsIllustrated staff see the Big 12 Championship game ending up Saturday evening?

Kevin Barrera - BearsIllustrated Co-Owner, Recruiting Analyst

I’ve gone back and forth in my head about this game, but I just don’t see KState hanging with Baylor if they play Baylor football. In my eyes, TCU and Baylor are very similar with regards to the type of athletes they have. Kansas State has always seemed to have issues with very athletic teams, as they showed against TCU. If Baylor can get on Kansas State early, then this forces them to pick their tempo up which is not what they want to do. They want to drive the field with long drives and take time off the clock.

I think this is a game that Baylor will want to prove a point, and there is nothing worse in the country then a Baylor team with a chip on its shoulder. I think this game is closer early, like the OU game last year, and Baylor will pull away towards the end of the first half and beginning of the second half.

Score: Bears win 59-31

Elliot Coffey - BearsIllustrated Contributor

It's simple, win the football game. Play Angry is the motto. At home we've lost 1 game since 2011. We have numerous wins against top 10 opponents, and for once, we aren't the under dog. Hopefully Bryce is healthy and ready to go, if not, Seth Russell showed us that he is more than up to the task. This team is primed and ready for the win. We have no idea which K-State will show up. K-State vs. Auburn or K-State vs. TCU. Hopefully the latter. They are a well coached team that deserves respect. At the end of the day we're too strong, too fast, and too talented.

Score: Bears win 48-17

Chase Medina - BearsIllustrated Contributor

This is the biggest game in Baylor history. Not only are the Bears looking for a second straight Big 12 title, but they also want a shot at the CFP. They said they play better mad, and they should be furious. The disrespect the committee has shown them should give them that added motivation. I think the Bears have learned from their mistakes in the past and I expect them to come out on fire. The atmosphere surrounding this game is going to be electric with College Gameday in town. The biggest worry is shutting down Tyler Lockett, especially on deep balls. Containing Jake Waters in the pocket will also be a must. If Baylor can jump out to a 14 to 21 point lead, I think the game will be in hand. While K-State has been better on offense this year, they are only averaging 36.6 points per game. That’s nothing to scoff at, but they haven’t been in a high scoring shootout this year and I’m not sure they could keep pace. That’s not their game. Obviously their defense is solid, and is only giving up 20.3 points per game this season. Something has to give in this game. K-State will try to keep it close, but if the Bears play like I expect them to, they will win. Baylor has outscored the Wildcats by an average of 43.5 – 24.5 the past two seasons. I expect the score to be similar to those averages.

Score: Bears win 45-24

Ryan Resch - BearsIllustrated Contributor

My first reaction to this game is to stress how good K-State is to the fans who are overlooking this matchup for the Playoff rankings Sunday. That said, I don't think our players are, as Jay Lee said on Twitter he and other teammates were giving up social media this week to focus.

Offensively, I think we'll be able to run the ball effectively. K-State's defense is giving up around 4 yards per carry, and Linwood is one of the better backs in the conference. I see Coach Briles sticking to his game plan of establishing an effective rushing game to set up easier passes for Petty and company (and giving all media members who call our offense an "air raid" a hernia while watching this game).

On the defensive end, I will be most watching just how effective our secondary is in keeping the Wildcats in front of them. Our defensive backs have been frustrating to watch at times, but I think Coach Bennett will have the guys ready to go. However, I would like to see Bennett more flexible in his linebacker rush schemes if the DL isn't getting the necessary pressure.

Oh, and don't forget about Tyler Lockett and his insane punt returning ability. (Excuse me, Mr. Roth, let's just use your equally good punting ability to kick the ball out of bounds... or, no offense, hopefully we don't have to see you.)

Score: Bears win 51-27

James Holloway - BearsIllustrated Contributor

In my 4.5 years here at Baylor, the Bears have lost a total of 3 games in Waco, so I am never really worried about home games. That, however, does not mean that I think this is going to be easy an easy game for the Bears, as the Kansas State Wildcats are a tough and well coached team. I expect Coach Snyder to come into Waco with an excellent game plan and for his team to put up a Hell of a fight. I expect, nevertheless, for the Bears to come out on top in this game. This is the biggest game in Baylor history with College Gameday being here, the Bears being slated for primetime, and the Big 12 Championship up for grabs; so I expect for Art Briles and company to pull out all the stops and do whatever is required to win this game. I expect this game to follow the mold of the OU and Texas games of last year, with it being a slugfest for the first half before the Bears offense breaks through and pulls away.

Score: Bears win 45-21

Tim Watkins - BearsIllustrated Co-Owner, Publisher

With Bryce Petty finally cleared Friday afternoon, we know the full picture finally. The Bears will have their senior quarterback, making his last start at home. Everything is ahead of the Bears right now, with a Big 12 Championship and at least a Cotton Bowl appearance coming with it. Maybe even more. The Bears will get that offense rolling against a very good Kansas State attack early, but the Wildcats will slow the game down with a solid short passing attack and get back into it in the fourth quarter. A big drive filled with Shock Linwood rushes will lead to a late touchdown to give the Bears a 2-score lead and the game.

Score: Bears win 41-28

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