Myles Recaps Baylor Visit

BearsIllustrated's Ashton Warren caught up with JUCO CB, Jay'Onn Myles, to talk about his official visit to Baylor.

On Saturday, December 6th, LA (CA) Pierce JUCO CB, Jay'Onn Myles, took an official visit to Baylor University to take in the Bears contest against the Kansas State Wildcats. BearsIllustrated's Ashton Warren caught up with Myles to get the latest on the official visit.

--- You recently made an official visit to Baylor. Tell me how Baylor came to be on your radar?

Coach Bennett came to my school in the spring and we just kind of hit it off , and we have kept in contact during the season. He liked me so he flew me out there.

--- So in leading up to your visit, what were some things you were looking to get out of the visit? What was going to make it a success?

I have always said I wanted to leave for college whether it was the south or east coast. I wanted to mature more and become more independent just to experience something new. I have been to Florida, Georgia and Tennessee. I wanted to try Texas out. I was really expecting to get more familiar with the program, the atmosphere, the town, and how the coaches coached the players up.

--- How did the day go for you?

How it worked out for us was I just experienced what it was like to be a Baylor Bear. I woke up with the players, went to breakfast with them, went to the team meetings and just observed and stuff like that. I think we might have had 20-30 minutes of Game Day. So I got to see a little bit of it and it was awesome.

--- With Baylor winning its 2nd straight Big 12 Championship, what does that tell you about where the program is going?

As a recruit that program is really still going up. That’s a big time program right there. It’s crazy how that happened. I grew up where Baylor wasn’t really anything and now Baylor is a powerhouse name. It’s surreal. I asked some of the coaches how they feel about the evolution of Baylor and they give the credit to coach Briles. I respect him, those coaches and Baylor as a program. Not many people can turn around a program in two or three years and turn it into a powerhouse.

--- How was getting to experience Game Day?

From the moment I woke up from the time I went to sleep it was crazy. It was definitely a great day for a visit.

--- What is the next step in your process? Where does this visit put Baylor and do you see yourself playing for the Bears?

That’s a difficult question because you would think that after experiencing what I did I would have committed right then. I’m worried about adjusting from a big city to a small city. I think I can adjust I just want to make sure my family can come visit me. I can see myself getting homesick. I couldn’t commit right then because I needed to talk to my family and see if that would work out with them. I would have committed if I would have talked to them, but I need to double check. Baylor is definitely at the top.

Myles has stated that he would like to take a couple of more visits before making a decision. He will be graduating in December and will have 3 years to play 2. Check back with as we keep you up to date on all recruiting news regarding Myles and Baylor.

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