2014 Baylor Football Awards -Play of the Year

With the 2014 regular season over with, it is time for some awards. The BearsIllustrated staff talks about the Play of the Year.

2014 was a very memorable year for Baylor football and its fans. There were big games and even bigger plays. What made each of our lists for Best Play of 2014?

Kevin Barrera – BearsIllustrated Co-Owner, Recruiting Coordinator

There were a ton of plays I could look back on, but my play of the year is the interception that Bryce Hager had against OU. With OU being up 14, and Baylor looking very sluggish, that game could have gotten out of hand very quickly, but Hager came through and made a big time play to allow Baylor to go on a very impressive run to close the game. That game helped us close out the 2nd half of the season and ultimately close out back-to-back Big 12 Championships.

James Holloway – BearsIllustrated Contributor

This has to be Chris Callahan's kick to win the game against TCU. In what has become our biggest rivalry in Baylor athletics, the Bears fought back from a 21 point deficit in 11 minutes to set up the 28 yard game winning field goal by Callahan as time expired. You need to only watch the fan reaction video to see how big a moment this was for Baylor football this season.

Shehan Jeyarajah – BearsIllustrated Contributor, DMN Baylor Blogger, Lariat Sports Editor

Since I imagine everyone else will mention most of the game-changing plays, I'll take things a different direction. I can't narrow it down from two plays from the Kansas game: the play when Shawn Oakman burst around the outside and massacred Michael Cummings and the play where Andrew Billings ran down the KU running back on a breakaway. We know that Baylor has offense, but the rise of the defense has been nothing short of incredible. Yes, there were problems in the secondary this year, but the defensive line was nothing short of elite. If Baylor wants to win a national championship, these are the plays we need to see.

Chase Medina – BearsIllustrated Contributor

This question was a tough one for me because there were so many huge plays this season. The play that stands out to me the most though, was our 101stoffensive play against TCU. Everyone remembers the epic comeback in the 4th quarter, but it was Corey Coleman’s touchdown catch with 4:42 remaining that made everyone in McLane Stadium realize that we had this game. That catch capped the second 90+ yard drive in a row for the Bears, and tied the game at 58. I have never seen a stadium erupt like that (except after the winning kick of course). Corey simply ran past Ranthony Texada for the 25 yard score that sent Baylor Nation into a frenzy. That catch completed the 21 point comeback and propelled us to win that game on a last second field goal. It was an amazing experience for anyone at McLane or watching on TV that day, and it added to the growing rivalry between Baylor and TCU. Although a number of plays could be chosen from that game alone, that play showed just how relentless and clutch this team can be.

Ryan Resch - BearsIllustrated Contributor

The best play for me this season was definitely Bryce Petty's hurdle over the Iowa State defender for the touchdown in Ames. While it would have made a nice Heisman moment, the fact that Olympic athlete Lolo Jones gave him props on Twitter for it was pretty awesome.

Ashton Warren - BearsIllustrated Contributor

Goodley's touchdown against TCU in the fourth quarter. This contributed to our comeback and was a big time play for him and Baylor. I just love how he reached up right over the defenders head and snatched it for a clutch touchdown right at the goal line.

Tim Watkins – BearsIllustrated Co-Owner, Publisher

There is just a MASSIVE list of big plays for the Bears this year. Heck, you could choose half a dozen from just the 4th quarter of the TCU game and have a great case for any of them. Corey Coleman’s touchdown catch to tie the game at 58 was the loudest I have ever heard a stadium in person. McLane Stadium exploded in a moment that signified the true opening of our new football palace.

In terms of a pure football play that left me amazed, Andrew Billings chasing down a very fast Corey Coleman was just jaw-dropping amazing. In terms of impact to the season, the plays that led to the TCU win are up there. However, the play of the year to me was Spencer Roth’s run against Texas that really turned that game around. Roth, a 4th year starting punter, had never run the ball before at Baylor. In fact, he never ran the ball in High School either. He will have a career 19-yards per carry average that is tough to beat.

The most amazing thing about that play though, was that it was not called by the coaches. Roth saw the Texas special team’s players show that look several times earlier in the game. When he saw it again, he tucked the ball and got the Bears a much-needed first down. That whole game, it felt like the Bears were just 1 BIG play away from getting rolling and beating the Longhorns easily. That was true, and that play came from Spencer Roth.

Matt Wilson – BearsIllustrated Contributor

I submit an unconventional selection. Rather than one play, I submit Shock Linwood's collection of 2 or 3 just devastating ankle breakers. The most recent left a KState linebacker sideways on the ground while Shock Linwood set up a Baylor touchdown.

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