Looking Ahead: 2016/2017 Recruits Talk Baylor

BearsIllustrated caught up with several 2016 and 2017 prospects to get the latest on their recruitment. Come inside as we introduce these prospects that are on the Baylor radar moving forward.

With the 2015 class winding down, Baylor will soon turn its sight to the 2016 and 2017 classes. BearsIllustrated caught up with several of those prospects to get the latest on their recruitments, and where Baylor might stand early.

Eno Benjamin Takes In College Gameday

Benjamin is a rising sophomore RB that is beginning to hear from several schools. The 5'10, 183 lb sophomore, plays at Plano (TX) Wylie East HS and took in Baylor for their final home game against Kansas State. A game that brought ESPN College Gameday to the Baylor campus for the first time ever.

"It was just a really nice atmosphere. We did a lot of chatting with the coaches and getting to see everything on the sidelines." So what stood out the most from the visit? "Probably the majority of all of the coaches coming into the recruitment lounge and interacting with us and just having a good time in there."

Benjamin took notice of the Bears back-to-back Big 12 Championships, and gives a lot of credit to the Baylor coaches. "To me that means that there’s a bunch of great coaches that know what they are doing at Baylor and they have got a great program on their hand"

The rising sophomore says that Baylor is certainly in it for him, and he can't wait to get back on campus. "The visit was great. I don't know which one (atmosphere) was better, the TCU game or that game honestly" Benjamin said. "The visit was perfect. I'll definitely be back in the spring!"

Travis Bruffy Is A Rising Junior

Travis Bruffy is a prospect that has seen his stock rise this fall. The rising Junior OL is currently hearing from the likes of TCU, LSU, Kansas State, Rice, Oklahoma State, Indiana, and Baylor. The 6'7, 260 lb Missouri City (TX) Ridge Point HS OL took in the Baylor game against Kansas State, and gives us the latest on his visit.

Making his 2nd visit to Baylor, Bruffy says that the visit was amazing. "I came up for their Homecoming game against Kansas, but this time it was amazing. It was crazy loud. I love the passion in the air. You really feel every fans love for the school during the games."

Bruffy says that Baylor came in to the picture a few months ago, and he has built a relationship with OL coach Randy Clements. "I've been talking to them for a couple of months. I have not received an offer, but Coach Clements is going to send me more info on their Junior Day."

While Bruffy is getting attention from some big named schools, he says that nothing has come close to what Baylor was. "Man I haven't been around another program like Baylor's. That place is special," Bruffy is looking forward to hearing more from Baylor, and hopes to take in the Baylor Junior Day and earn that elusive first offer.

Eyob Bekele Ready To Make A Name For Himself

Eyob Bekele is itching to get back on the field. The Junior-to-be had to sit out this fall due to transfer rules in place by the UIL. The 6'2, 145 lb Sophomore from Plano (TX) East Sr HS, worked out this fall on his own, but is looking forward to spring ball and summer workouts. "I worked out with me, myself, and I, haha. But I just worked alone this fall. I'll be working with a QB coach (Kyler Murrays father) this spring and summer."

Bekele made it up for the Kansas State game and says it was crazy. "The visit was real good. The atmosphere was real tough. Being on the campus the whole day and McLane got live every play of the game," Bekele said. The locker room, after the win, was really crazy. Gotta make it out there again this spring!"

The rising sophomore did mention that it was tough seeing Coach Montgomery go, but hopes to build a new relationship with Coach Gush. "Coach Montgomery was the only coach that I built a relationship with, but after the visit, Coach Kazadi and Coach Gush asked who I was." Bekele went on to say, "but now since Coach Montgomery is leaving, hopefully Coach Gush can really recruit me my Junior year. I'm gonna be out there this spring and talk to him!"

While he is still early in the process, Bekele does state that he is hearing from several schools including UCLA, Idaho St, and Texas Tech. "Most of the schools that were on me last year basically abandoned me [when I transferred]. I'm not worried about them because I'm working to be a 4 star right now! They'll wake up after this season and 7v7 over the summer. I really want to hear more from PAC12 and ACC schools." Despite wanting to hear from those schools, Bekele states that he will most likely stay in Texas, "I'm most likely staying in Texas, but just want to see my options. If I had a top right now, it would be 1) Baylor 2) TAMU 3) UCLA."

BearsIllustrated will continue to monitor the recruitments of each of these prospects. Stay tuned to The Bear Pit, as we update you these prospects and several others as we move towards signing day in February!

***Ashton Warren contributed to this report.

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