Bears Have Ground To Make Up With 2016 DT

BearsIllustrated caught up with 2016 Fort Worth (TX) All Saints Episcopal HS DT Mike Williams to get the latest on his Junior Day plans.

Mike Williams is beginning to see his recruitment pick up. The Junior DT from Fort Worth (TX) All Saints Episcopal HS recently received an offer from Miami, but is receiving high interest from several Big 12 schools. BearsIllustrated's Ashton Warren caught up with the 4-star, and 6'3, 270 lb Junior to get the latest on his recruitment.

--- Tell me a little bit about your recruitment process so far. How has that been going?

It’s been pretty good. I think it’s going to pick back up in the Spring time. I’ll probably commit during the summer time.

--- Who are some of the teams you’ve been hearing from lately?

Lately, it’s been SMU, TCU, Miami. Miami offered me yesterday (Jan. 12th) and Oklahoma State.

--- Are you looking to stay in State or venture off and do your own thing out of state?

It sounds pretty cliché but it’s whatever program is the best.

--- Do your parents play a big part in your recruitment?

My mom has two basic questions to ask every coach. One is “What is the crime rate against black men under 21” and “Will you provide maximum care for my child?”

--- How many teams have offered you so far?


--- How would you say that you’re handling all of that?

I just try to take it stride by stride. I have mentors, Daniel Gresham and Demetrious Knox, kind of telling me how the process is and tell me how I should take it and the mistakes they made.

--- Which teams are currently standing out for you?

I don’t really have a top list, but Oklahoma State, TCU, Texas and Ohio State have been talking to me more and I feel like they have a high interest in me so I have a high interest in them.

--- You’re in Fort Worth, so how has it been being in the mix of the TCU fans?

It’s crazy because lately they have been blowing up in the city of Fort Worth so everyone around you wants you to go to TCU.

--- At the moment what is your relationship with Baylor like and which coaches do you hear from most often?

If I’m talking to someone from Baylor it’s probably Coach Lebby. We talk probably once a month or once every other month. It hasn’t been that much lately but I think it’s going to pick back up soon with signing day coming.

--- What are your thoughts on the back to back Big 12 Championship wins for them?

I think it’s good. I think that Baylor has a strong hold on the conference and it’s hard to see their dominance stopping. It’s them and TCU and they are taking over. Baylor are the winners basically. It’s hard not to like Baylor.

--- What are your plans for the Spring? What are you looking to improve on?

Right now I’m doing rehad. I had labrum surgery back in November. So by spring time I’m just looking to get 100% healthy and be ready to get it in the summer.

I’ve been running and I have the rehab going on so I feel like I’m not losing that much upper body strength. Now I’m working on my lower body. I should be good to go by March.

--- Are you looking to go to any Junior Day’s?

I’m looking to go to Texas. I’m thinking about Oklahoma State and that’s all the dates I know of right now.

With Baylor's Junior Day coming up on the 31st, keep it tuned to BearsIllustrated for the latest on Mike Williams plans and attendees for the event.

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