Another Look at Baylor Basketball Commits

BearsIllustrated checks back in on how the 2015 Baylor Basketball commits are faring at their respective schools. Overall, the guys are still looking really good, with very little fall off with more games under their belts this season.

With regards to the statistics, the differential between last month's check in and this month's are located in parentheses. For example, (+1.5) means the player is averaging 1.5 more points or whatever that specific statistic is.

Joseph Acuil – Power Forward

School: Neosho Community College (Chanute, KS)

Rank: N/R (JuCo)

Notable Stats: 20.0 ppg (-1.7), 11.6 rpg (+0.1), 4.6 bpg (+0.1)

News: Acuil is continues to be incredibly efficient, shooting a noteworthy 62% (up from last month) from the field, while averaging 20 points.

Jake Lindsey – Point Guard

School: Olympus High School (Salt Lake City, UT)

Rank: 3* (PG Rank: 24)

Notable Stats: 26.0 ppg (-3.1), 6.1 apg (even), 10.6 rpg (-0.4), 1.7 stpg (-0.3)

News: Earlier this week against Corney Canyon, Lindsey put up an interesting double-double 21 points and 12 rebounds.

King McClure – Shooting Guard

School: Triple A Academy (Dallas, TX)

Rank: 4* (Scout Rank: 87/100, SG Rank: 28)

Notable Stats: 32.6 ppg (+1.1), 6.6 rpg (+0.4), 4.5 stpg (+0.8)

News: Continuing to earn Player of the Week and Game honors, McClure dropped 51 points against Carter on January 9, 2015.

Wendell Mitchell – Shooting Guard

School: Rockdale High School (Rockdale, TX)

Rank: 3* (SG Rank: 33)

Notable Stats: 29.2 ppg (-1.4), 4.7 apg (+0.1), 5.9 rpg (-2.2), 4.4 stpg (-0.9)

News: News: Mitchell, who is very active on the defensive end, is averaging an impressive 1.4 blocks per game, given his position.

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