California OT Taking Trip To Texas

Murrieta Mesa HS OL Nathan Smith is taking a visit to the Lone Star State to take in several of the states top programs. BearsIllustrated caught up with Smith to get the latest leading in to his visit.

Nathan Smith is a rising Junior out of California. His recruiting is beginning to take off and the 6'7, 276 lb prospect, certainly fits the size of a Big 12 tackle, but also has the athleticism to be dominant. Smith is taking a trip to Texas to take in Baylor, SMU, Texas A&M and possibly TCU. Ashton Warren caught up with the 2016 prospect to get an update before his visit to Texas.

--- How do you think your season went from your perspective?

I think it went pretty well. It was the first year I actually got to play pretty much because I gained 60 pounds from my sophomore to junior year. I kind of played with a chip on my shoulder. I thought I did pretty well.

--- How did the season go over all?

We didn’t get very far. Our defense was filled with freshman and shophomore and secondaries and we would usually get scored on within two plays. But our offense was awesome, we could drive on anybody.

--- What schools are you currently hearing from?

I’ve got five offers right now. Baylor, Colorado State, Missouri, Montana State and NAU. Schools that are interested are Arizona, Clemson, Indiana, Oregon, San Jose, San Jose State, SAU, Colorado, there’s a long list.

--- How has the recruitment process been going for you?

It’s been going pretty well. So basically in the next couple of weeks I will be visiting around with my mom and my dad and other than that schools will be coming to visit me so it’s pretty cool.

--- How does your mom and dad play a role in your recruitment?

My dad helps me with a lot of the tedious things, like sending film out, emailing coaches, which I do a lot of. He helps me out on busier days when I’m studying for physics and stuff like that. My mom helps more by getting me bigger. She makes me like 12 sandwhiches every morning, wakes up around 5 am to make me a huge breakfast. I almost never go out to eat because my mom makes these huge meals. I’m a teenage boy so I have a fast metabolism. I eat too much.

--- You’re visiting Texas this week correct?

I’m visiting Texas tomorrow. I leave on Wednesday, tomorrow at 12:30. ASU and Colorado State are supposed to be visiting me before that at school. Then I’m heading out and going to Baylor. My dads got a whole schedule.

--- What are you looking to get out of your visit with Baylor?

I have always loved playing football and just being competitive but I’ve never followed college football. I never grew up with a favorite team so I’m just kind of trying to figure out what type of schools I like. It’s not like “oh you know I’ve watched them as a kid and would love to play there” I just don’t have a dream school. I just want to get out there and visit, see the facilities, and meet with all of the coaches. Get a feel for somewhere I would want to spend four years.

--- Which coach from the coaching staff have you been talking to and what is your relationship like?

I’ve been talking to their offensive line coach, Randy Clements. We talk about once a week and then we will message on twitter sometimes.

--- What other schools are you visiting while you’re here in Texas?

I would have to ask my dad, but I think it’s TCU, SMU, Texas A&M and I think University of Texas.

--- What is your biggest accomplishment from this past season?

I got Most Improved Player. I grew 2 inches, put on 60 pounds and then I played a position I never played before and basically became the best at it.

--- What was it like to play a position you’ve never played before?

It was new. I usually play defensive tackle. It was kind of confusing at first because of personal things. Like I wasn’t able to go to the summer camps or fall camps so I kind of just showed up so I kind of just came in and lucked out. I started to focus on perfecting my foot work and timing and all of those things like that. If you want to know more of an accomplishment during the game, I threw a guy into the sidelines and knocked over the water jug and he started crying. He was a sophomore and a lot smaller. Their defensive end got hurt and I think the kid was just scared out of his mind.

With Nathan taking a visit to Baylor, BearsIllustrated will keep in touch with him and have a full recap after his visit to Texas.

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