Jones Taking Things Slow

BearsIllustrated caught up with Allen (TX) HS CB, Jaylon Jones, to get the latest on where things stand in his recruitment.

Allen (TX) HS CB, Jaylon Jones, is a highly sought after recruit. Jones is ranked as the #111 recruit in the Coutnry, according to's Top 300, and is being recruited by every major program in college football.

BearsIllustrated caught up with Jaylon to see how things were going with recruiting and to see where the Bears stand as Jones goes in to his Senior year.

BI: Tell me a little bit about your recruitment process so far. How has that been going?

JJ: Overall it’s going good. I’m just enjoying it right now. It’s starting to get to that point where it’s starting to get a bit busy and coaches are urging you to call. They really want to build that relationship with you.

BI:How are you handling all of it?

JJ: I’m handling it well. I’ve got a couple of friends and stuff who have been through it and helping me out.

BI:Do your parents play a big role in your recruitment?

JJ: Yeah, no doubt. They really help me out. On visits both of them usually come with me. They’ve been helping me with this and it’s really been a family thing. They don’t tell let me know what college they like. They will give me feedback on the colleges but they let me make my own decision.

BI: What are some of the schools you’ve been hearing from lately?

JJ: Notre Dame a little, but that’s about all the schools that haven’t offered that I’m hearing from. Out of the ones who have offered mainly all of them have been showing the same amount of love. I have a good relationship with all of the Texas schools. These out of state schools I’m starting to get a better relationship with. It’s been harder with them being out of state but I’m starting to set up dates to visit those schools.

BI: Is staying close to home something that you care about?

JJ: No, it doesn’t matter to me. Whatever is best for me to get on the field.

BI: Is immediate playing time something that plays a big factor in making your decision?

JJ: Yeah no doubt. Most of it is playing time because I want to be able to play as a freshman but also just getting a chance to compete wherever I go. Also I want to make sure I have a good relationship with the coaches and like the environment and the program.

BI: Looking at your relationship with Baylor, what coaches have you been speaking with from there?

JJ: Mainly who I always hit up and talk to is coach Gush. We have a real good relationship. We used to speak once every two weeks but now they are hitting up spring ball. He called me last night, but I’m pretty sure he’s focused on his team so it’s not going to be as much as it used to be.

BI: Are you thinking about going to one of the spring practices?

JJ: Yeah, it’s tough because I’m getting ready for the Nike and Rivals camp but we are trying to figure out what school we want to go see practice right now.

BI: What are you looking forward to going into the Nike and Rivals camps?

JJ: What I like most is that It’s just the best talent. I want to go against the best and see how I am. Just get a little taste. Because in high school you don’t always face the best and at this Nike camp it’s an invite only and it will be the top guys and that’s what I want.

BI: What are you working on going into the Spring?

JJ: Everything. I can improve on a lot of things. Mainly just my craft but basically everything.

BI: How do you expect next season to go as you transition into your season year?

JJ: To be honest my senior year is going to be a bit easier just because I have more help this year. My junior year I was the only returning starter and I had lead everybody and let them know how everything was going to come. My senior year everyone will be returning now and I will still be a leader but I’m going to have a lot more help now.

BI: Do you have any Junior Days you will be going to?

JJ: Not right now, not that I know of. I don’t have any set dates on visits coming up.

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