What Do The 2 WR Commitments Mean For Baylor

With two commitments, in three days, the Bears are looking to take one more WR in the 2016 class. With two elite prospects holding offers, what do the recent commitments do for those two prospects.

The Bears welcomed the commitments of Jared Atkinson and Denzel Mims over the past few days. With their commitments, the Bears received their 9th and 10th commitments, respectively, and their first two commitments at the receiver position. But what do those commitments mean for elite prospects Tren'Davian Dickson and Devin Duvernay?

The Bears will likely only take one more receiver to fill in the 2016 class. After taking four receivers in the 2014 class, and two receivers in the 2015, the receivers in the 2016 class will have some heavy competition and there aren't too many spots open.

Dickson was the first receiver to pledge to the 2016 class, but after his commitment, the elite programs such as Texas, USC, Texas A&M, etc, came calling and Dickson backed out of his pledge. This didn't come as too much of a shock because at the time, Dickson was still somewhat of an unknown prospect in the country and it made sense that he take his time and look at all of his options. But since his decommitment, Baylor has still been one of the programs that has kept in most contact with Dickson, and Dickson told BearsIllustrated earlier this year that "Baylor was still showing the most love and recruiting him the hardest."

Dickson is one of those receivers that only comes around ever so often, but does seem to be the next version of Baylor Freshmen All-American KD Cannon. Dickson posses the athleticism, speed, and elusiveness that the Baylor offense promotes. Dickson came on to the scene after his record breaking year and his unbelievable effort in the State Championship, which Navasota won.

Dickson would certainly be a huge edition to the 2016 class, and it does seem that the recent trend that Baylor has shown, and the fact that they have Jarrett Stidham sitting behind Seth Russell, that Dickson would be the logical choice to recommit to Baylor.

With Devin Duvernay, I think there is a whole different situation here. Duvernay and his brother, Donovan Duvernay, are known to be a package deal. This is interesting because Duvernay is one of the top receivers in the country, and his brother would fill a need at the cornerback position, as well as the punt and kick return position.

Duvernay also possesses the athleticism, speed (he won the recent State Championship in the 200m for his classification), and elusiveness that Dickson does. Both fit the slot position for the Bears, and would give the Baylor offense a consistent homerun threat to go along with KD Cannon.

When you look at both of these prospects, Baylor really can't go wrong with either. They are both elite prospects at their position and would give the Bears another year of reeling in the top receiver in the State. At the end of the day, you have to look at familiarity with the Baylor program. Dickson has that. Most people I've talked to say that one of Dickson's reasons for decommitting was the lack of a relationship with new WR coach Tate Wallis. But since his decommitment, Coach Wallis has done an excellent job of calming things down and really building the relationship with Dickson.

With the season coming up fast, I believe you will see a commitment from either of these two prospects, and right now I would lean towards that commitment coming from Tren'Davian Dickson. Baylor offered him first, and has continued to recruitment him the strongest. But as we know, recruiting is a fluid thing and my guess could be completely wrong.

Keep it here as we continue to monitor this situation and bring you the latest breaking news when it happens!

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