Bravvion Roy Talks Baylor Commitment

The Bears scored a huge commitment at a position of need, on Sunday evening. Ashton Warren caught up with Spring (TX) HS DT Bravvion Roy to break things down and talk about his commitment more in depth.

On Sunday evening, Baylor scored big at one of the most important positions. With Jordan Elliott committing earlier this year, the Bears were seemingly in great shape at the position. But after Elliott decommitted a few months later, the Defensive Tackle position became a priority and the coaching staffs eyes turned to Spring (TX) HS and massive DT Bravvion Roy. A relationship that had been 4 years in, paid off, as the Spring HS product made the call for the Bears.

“I think that Baylor was the best fit for me. That’s why I decided to go there,” Roy explained. “They’ve been there since my freshman year."

Even though Baylor was always up high on Roy’s list, the Bears did have a few teams to beat out such as Texas Tech, Missouri, and LSU. "I was still really thinking hard about Texas Tech, but Baylor has been loyal to me. I told one of the fans that I was going to be there and I kept my word.”

So what was it that Texas Tech didn’t have?

“I feel like they didn’t have that loyalty that Baylor had,” Roy said. “I went up to the camp last week and they didn’t want to offer me two months ago. I went up there and showed them I could do what they thought I couldn’t do, and they had no choice but to offer me. So I felt like it was a forced offer.”

Loyalty seems to be what led Roy to the Bears as well as his strong relationship with the coaching staff.

“Without loyalty I can’t trust you,” Roy stated. “Coach Achuff and Coach Bennett, and the whole Baylor organization are like a second family to me. They’ve been there since my freshman year.”

There’s more to this defensive tackle than his 6-foot-2, 300-pound size that makes him a great asset for the Bears defense. Roy has overcome great adversity with his home life that has made it important for him to consider his new home team a family.

“Having the coaches be like a family to me is very important,” Roy said. “They can be my coaches at times and then be my family at times. They can get on me, then love on me at the end.”

Not always having his family around, Roy also took on the responsibility of making his decision on his own.

“It was just me. It’s going to be me up there for the next four to five years, maybe even three,” Roy said. “I came down and did my research and thought extra hard about my decision.”

Baylor is known for their powerful offense instead of the defense. Roy plans to make big changes and bring attention to that side of the game.

“I plan on getting a couple of guys to come with me,” Roy said. “I want to cut down the points scored on Baylor by 20-30 points. If we can do that and have our offense keep putting up the numbers they’ve been putting up the past few seasons we will be good.”

As you can see, the Bears pulled a big one yesterday. This defensive tackle has passion on and off the field, and he’s not going anywhere.

“I’m loyal all the way through,” Roy proclaimed. “I’ll be a Baylor Bear.”

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