Best Case Scenario: Offensive Line

Baylor has two of the top OL prospects in the State committed, but should Baylor fans expect more? We break down the "Best Case Scenario" at Offensive Line for the Bears.

Baylor has a long line of success at developing offensive lineman. The Bears will feature one of the best offensive lines in the country, headlined by one of the top OTs in the Country, in Spencer Drango. But with the Bears losing 3 starters on the line and around 5 total, next year, the Bears are poised to sign a big OL class. The class has gotten off to a banging start with Scout 4* OTs Patrick Hudson and J.P. Urquidez in the fold. We take a look at who might be the others to join the group.

Here is an idea of where Baylor stands in June. The number in parentheses indicates the number of recruits Baylor is looking to sign at the position for the Class of 2016. The names do not necessarily reflect Baylor’s official board but are the best guesstimate of who Baylor is targeting, based on research done by BearsIllustrated.


Offensive Line (3-4)

Committed (2):Patrick Hudson, J.P. Urquidez

Favorite: Lackawanna (PA) JC OL Ashton Julious is a massive prospect. Julious recently took an official visit to Baylor to check out Waco, Baylor, and the football program. Julious worked exclusively with Coach Randy Clements during the camp Baylor had. The first thing that stands out is how big and powerful Julious is. He has a strong punch, fluid hips, and is light on his feet for someone who is so big. At 6'7, 320 lbs, he is very hard to miss. Baylor will likely look to the JUCO ranks for the other 2 commitments, as they will need some depth on the line, with them losing lineman after this season.

Next In Line: Denzel Okafor is an underrated OL that has received a Baylor offer. I haven't heard much from Okafor and Baylor, but he is one of a few offers that hasn't committed yet. At this point things seem to point to Okafor going to Texas, but if Baylor can get Okafor on campus then things could certainly change.

On The Radar: Elite OL Willie Allen is still in play, but seems like a long shot at best for Baylor. Allen will likely stay in the SEC.

Prediction: At this point, outside of Ashton Julious, it looks like the Bears will likely go through the fall football season without a commitment at this position. Things should pick up after the fall season starts, however. Baylor will likely want to see a few prospects perform before extending offers. Baylor will likely take 4 OL in this recruiting class, so it should be interesting to see things pick up throughout the fall. We will continue to monitor the situation!

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