5-Things: The End of July

August is almost here. With it comes football. This is a good thing.

1. The end of July is always an anxious time for a college football fan. You have the teasers of media days and some recruiting camps here and there, but the real allure is the actual football that is on the horizon. The Bears will begin fall camps in a few weeks, and we will get a full look at the 2015-16 Baylor Bears. Well, we hope 2016 is involved at least, as that means the Bears are still playing football after the ball drops in New York City.

Baylor was chosen 2nd in the Big 12, behind rival TCU, at Media Days. As Art Briles said, it is better than 3rd. Expect this slight to be used as motivation throughout the fall camp, as Briles thrives on being the underdog, perceived or actual. You could tell from the start of his press conference that he was there to reiterate that the Bears are here to stay. That they are here to win a 3rd Big 12 title and more.

2. Art Briles again came to the Big 12 Media Days with a bravado and confidence that captivated rooms and had writers scribbling down golden quotes left and right. He explained Drake rap songs to the media. He gave his opinions on criminals and why they get caught. He compared himself to a baby learning. The man was on fire, pure and simple.

3. The Bears had some massive visitors this weekend, with 3 junior college players coming to Waco to take in the Baylor program. Two high profile defensive ends were at the top of the visitor list. Koron Crump, a speed rusher from Fort Scott Community College, and Mat Boesen, a former Boise State end now at Long Beach City College, are both guys that could come on campus and at least crack the 2-deep.

Both players appear to be close to a decision. Crump went home after his Baylor visit to talk things over with his family. Boesen went up the road to Fort Worth to visit TCU. It could be the two top Big 12 teams going down to the wire for the 3-star defensive end.

Mat Boesen and Koron Crump were the two biggest public names, but another visitor attended that might be even bigger than the two star defensive ends. We have you covered inside BearsIllustrated.com with that name and more!

4. I expect the Bears to sign at least 2 junior college defensive linemen, probably both defensive ends. They might even take 1 more juco tackle as well, especially if Andrew Billings is giving indications he might leave early for the NFL. With just 1 defensive linemen in Bravvion Roy committed right now, and as many as 6 linemen leaving Baylor at the end of the year, the depth will be tested. Getting guys like Boesen or Crump would be huge for the program next year, as K.J. Smith and Brian Nance will probably be the most tested and experienced ends going into the 2016 season.

5. The bulk of the recruiting work left for the Bears is on the defensive line and linebacker position. They have room for 1 more WR, and maybe 1 more offensive linemen, but that is it for the other side of the ball. With 5 defensive backs in the fold now, they could take 1 more there as well. The rest should be in the front-7 of the defense. Bravvion Roy and Deonte Williams are a good start at the position, but with 5-6 spots left for those two positions, the Bears will have room to move. If Boesen and Crump commit to Baylor, that would give them a great foundation at the defensive end position, while younger guys like Xavier Jones, Greg Roberts and Jamie Jacobs grow into the role.

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