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Predictions on the Baylor Bears vs. Rice Owls

The Baylor Bears host the Rice Owls Saturday afternoon in a match up of former Southwest Conference rivals.

Kevin Barerra

BearsIllustrated Co-Owner and Recruiting Coordinator

This game is about Baylor Football. Rice does present a challenge in the fact that they have a mobile QB, but outside of that, they shouldn’t present much of a problem for Baylor. Baylor has had a very rocky start to the season, on and off the field, but leading in to Big 12 play, this should be a game that will allow them to continue to work through some of the issues they’ve had. Art Briles has continously mentioned getting the “edge” back, and to most, he looked as focused as he has all season. If Art can get that personal edge back, I think it will go a very long way in getting Baylor to where it wants to be.

Baylor 55 Rice 13

Shehan Jeyarajah

BearsIllustrated Contributor, DMN Baylor Blogger, City Editor for Baylor Lariat, Correspondent for Sports Illustrated

What could be potentially difficult about this game comes down to one word: possession. Rice ranks second nationally in time-of-possession, holding onto the ball 39 minutes per game. In the loss to Texas, Rice possessed the ball for virtually 3/4 of the game. Baylor is a quick strike offense, which should only play into that strategy. But at the end of the day, the Bears are just way more talented. Baylor has underwhelmed so far this season and this is the last game to build some momentum before Big 12 play. Expect Kendal Briles to take some shots to put the game out of reach early and for the defensive line to finally put forth a dominant performance. 
Baylor 59, Rice 28

Carter Lacy

BearsIllustrated Recruiting Contributor

Baylor looks to regain its edge this weekend as Briles and co. host Rice in teh finale of the 2015 non-conference slate.  Owls QB Driphus Jackson will look to take advantage of a BU front-7 that has yet to reach its potential.  LB Taylor Youn returns to help out that front-7, a struggling group that desperately needs him. The secondary has had a good start to the year, and should see it continue in this one.  

Offensively, look for Seth to run the ball a little bit more in this one.  Baylor's overall attitudce heading into this game seems to be brought along with more condience and swagger. 

Baylor 68, Lamar 24

Ashton Warren

BearsIllustrated Recruiting Contributor

Baylor definitely has some things to work through. I'm still a bit unsure whether that edge will be back for this game. However, it SHOULD be. Baylor's secondary needs to improve or Baylor is in big trouble going into big 12 play. I think Baylor will pull it together and hopefully the fans will see the high scoring team again in the first half. Slow starts just can't continue to happen. 

Baylor 60, Rice 21

Tim Watkins

BearsIllustrated Co-Owner, Publisher

With two weeks to prepare, and no excuses left for a lackluster effort from either side of the ball.  The Bears had excuses built in against SMU and Lamar.  Against the Mustangs, they were without two of their top defenders, and were seeing an offense for the first time. With no tape on SMU, there was some guesswork in the first half.  Against Lamar, the Bears just didn't have a lot of information to go off of with either of their new quarterbacks or scheme.  

With Rice, there is plenty of information on their offensive scheme, their playmakers and their best player, Driphus Jackson.  With two weeks to prepare, a full compliment of healthy and active players and a team that needs a statement on defense, I expect a dominant performance from that side of the ball.  No excuses. This is the first time we see a championship performance from the Bears, against a solid Rice offense.  

Baylor should put up a ton of points, as the Rice defense was bad at times last year, and lost most of their top players.  The only thing that will keep the score under 60 is the Rice ball control offense.  Baylor gets up big early in the first half and then coasts down the stretch for a big win. 

Baylor 56, Rice 17


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