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Baylor Bears Blowout Kansas 66-7

The Bears pushed the Kansas Jayhawks all over the field, dominating an over-matched opponent on their home field in a big 66-7 win.

This is what was expected.  This was not fun. This was not like putting 49 points against Texas Tech in the first half.  Kansas is not Texas Tech.  Kansas looks familiar to Baylor fans of a certain age.  They look like the early 2000s Baylor Bears.  They are stuck in a cycle of awful football.  Doesn't matter who the coach is, or what "star" player their bring to campus. Doesn't matter what any freshman does to give hope, even if its just a glimmer of competent football.  Baylor did to Kansas what Baylor had done to them in those awful years.  It wasn't Nebraska, or Texas, or even a Top-5 ranked Oklahoma team coming into Floyd Casey and laying waste to the Bears.  This time, it was the Bears being that top-5 team, showing a team that just doesn't play the same type of game, going on the road and simply destroying their opposition.  

Baylor defeated Kansas 66-7, in a game that 52-7 at halftime.  The offensive starters for the Bears didn't even come out with pads on for the second half, as Baylor played their backups exclusively in the 3rd and 4th quarters.  It was mercy.  Baylor fans should absolutely remember what Kansas is going though. It was just 10 years ago.  

Stats of the Game

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  • Corey Coleman's streak of multiple touchdowns in a game continued, with a TD reception on each of the Bears first two drives.  He has at least 2 TDs in 4 straight games.
  • Kansas gained 74 yards on their first drive of a game, resulting in a touchdown.  For the rest of the 1st half, they gained 58 yards over 8 drives
  • After averaging 11.1 yards per carry against Texas Tech, Shock Linwood averaged 10.4 yards per carry against Kansas
  • 11 Bears recorded a reception against Kansas
  • Baylor had just 4 penalties for 33 yards
  • Baylor had more yards per rush attempt, 6.2, than Kansas had on their pass attempts, 4.2. 

Words of the Game

Offense - Healthy

The Baylor offense is looking as good as it has ever had.  They are hitting on all cylinders.  Shock Linwood is putting together a sensational season, even spending the second halfs on the sidelines of blowout wins.  He has rushed for over 10 yards per cary both of the last two games.  He has had big plays, and also been very successful at getting the tough yards on the few times the Bears have a 3rd or 4th and short.  The offensive line is playing at the top of their game, prossibly the best line we have ever seen Baylor have.  It is full of top-tier talent and experience.  Seth Russell, after his awful 4-turnover game against Lamar, has committed just 1 turnover in the past 3 games.  Even that one was questionable and worth the gamble.  He has been everything the Bears have needed him to be.  Then you add in the country's best wide receiver in Corey Coleman, and the insane statistics he is putting up, and you have the best offense in the nation.  They got out of this game healthy and ready to roll against West Virginia.  

Defense - Suffocating

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The first drive was ugly for the Bears.  A defensive pass interference kept the drive alive early, then a huge 3rd and 17 conversion for Kansas setup the long touchdown pass down the sideline.  It was a a bad way to start the game.  After that point though, the Bears defense was just about perfect.  They outscored the Jayhawks 7-0 from that point on, pitching a shut out, forcing three turnovers, and even scoring a touchdown on a fumble recovery.  Baylor stopped the running game of the Jayhawks all game, allowing just 1.8 yards per carry. Kansas had just 227 yards of offense on the game, with 74 of those coming on the first drive.  Their next 13 drives gained them just 153 yards, or 8.5 yards per drive.  Baylor forced a turnover, turnover on downs, or 3-and-out on 9 of those 13 drives.  Kansas simply did not have a chance.  

Tweets of the Game

Play of the Game

Kansas ball, 3rd and 8 at the Kansas 42 yard line

Baylor was up big, 45-7. A third down with under 4-minutes to go in the first half was ahead of the Jayhawks.  Kansas lined up in the shotgun, with a runnng back to the right of Ryan Willis. They also have an H-back in front of and the left of Willis.  Two receivers were lined up to the right, with a lone receiver to the left.  The snap was right on the money to Willis, who simply just bobbled the ball as he shifted his vision down field.  The ball bounced, right to his feet, where he calmly picked it up. The Bears were in their base defense, with a four man pass rush from their defensive line. Defensive End KJ Smith and tackle Beau Blackshear ran a simple stunt, putting Blackshear on the edge. 

With the stunt, the Kansas tackle simply did not switch to Blackshear quick enough. By the time that Willis gathered the muffed snap, Blackshear was right on him.  The senior tackle wrapped him up with his right hand then pulled at the arm of Willis with his left.  This caused the ball to be fumbled once again, and as Willis tried to recover it, he hit the ball against the ground, causing it to spike up into the air.  As Blackshear completed the tackle, three Bears were right on top of the ball, as it bounced to Xavien Howard, who caught it as it ricochetted off of him.  From that point on, all he had to do was turn, and not step out of bounds on his way for a Baylor defensive touchdown.  

Players of the Game

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Offense - Seth Russell (18-27, 246  yards, 4 total touchdowns)

Since the Lamar game where Seth Russell turned the ball over 4 times (3 interceptions and 1 fumble), Russell has done exactly what the Bears needed from him. He was nearly perfect against Texas Tech, though he did have one interception, that probably shouldn't have been an interception on a last second play in the 1st half.  He dissected the Jayhawks in this one, getting the ball to Corey Coleman early, and scoring four total touchdowns with his arms and legs.  He took just 1 risk (a double pumped throw down the sideline to Cannon who was double-covered), but played a safe game.  He got the ball to the open man, even finding LaQuan McGowan for a touchdown.  It was a great game for the junior quarterback. 

Honorable Mention - Corey Coleman, Shock Linwood, LaQuan McGowan

Defense - Xavien Howard

The Bears best corner had himself another big game.  An interception on the Jayhawks third drive of the game setup a Baylor field goal.  However, he was just getting started.  Late in the second half, he had a big fumble return for a touchdown.  Howard was not asked to do much in this game, as the Kansas passing attack (minus their top-3 quarterbacks and their best receiver) simply could not do anything right.  He made plays on his side of the field, taking away the top option for the KU attack. 

Honorable Mention - Travon Blanchard, Patrick Levels


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Consider this a mission accomplished. Baylor got out of Lawrence with an easy win, a win that will look good score wise, and did so with no injuries.  Their backups played the whole second half, and the Bears got meaningful experience for key backups.  Funny to think that a 66-7 win is workmanlike, but that is what it seemed like for the Bears. This was a business trip, and the Bears did their job.  

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