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Baylor vs. West Virginia Predictions

The BearsIllustrated staff takes a look at the Bears and Mountaineers game this Saturday and what Baylor fans should expect

Kevin Barerra

BearsIllustrated Co-Owner and Recruiting Coordinator

This is an interesting game for the Bears. The offense has been dominant and explosive to start the year, but this will be the first real test for this team. The Mountaineers ended the chances for a perfect season, a year ago, and will look to do the same this year. This game, however, will be played in the comfortable confines of McLane Stadium. Previous results suggest that, although this will be one of the best defenses that Baylor will face, they will have no problem scoring or moving the ball. The Bears potent running attack will prove to be too much for this Mountaineers team to handle. Couple that with an explosive passing game and you have the formula for what could be a long day for West Virginia. I expect the chess match between WVU’s DC and BU’s OC to last all of 1 quarter. Baylor will go in to halftime with a 2 TD lead, and will pour it on in the 2nd half. Coach Art Briles is as determined as ever to get this team to a National Championship, and nothing will stop them. 

Baylor 63, WVU 31

Carter Lacy

BearsIllustrated Recruiting Contributor

Baylor 63, West Virginia 17

Ashton Warren

BearsIllustrated Recruiting Contributor

Baylor 60, West Virginia 33

Tim Watkins

BearsIllustrated Co-Owner, Publisher

They can say its not about vengeance, and they are probably true.  This game isn't about revenge.  The Bears were not robbed of victory against West Virginia. They were beaten by a team that physically outplayed them. This time though, the Bears don't have to worry about the rolling hills of the country.  This game is going to be played on the Texas plains, where cattle roam free and so do Baylor wide receivers.  The Bears speed, and their big-play ability (something that West Virginia has struggled with) will just be too much offensively for the Mountaineers.  It won't be the 60+ points most Baylor fans want to see, but it will be more than enough in the fewer than normal possessions that the Bears get.  West Virginia will successfully eat clock, and sustain drives, but turnovers and settling for field goals will doom them in the end.  

The Bears will get their revenge, and a big victory over the most balanced team they have seen in 2015.  There will be a few more punts than normal, and maybe a few turnovers by the Bears sprinkled in to cause angst.  However, this is the best offense in the nation, and it will start to prove that to any and all doubters Saturday.  

Baylor 56, West Virginia 30

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