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BearsIllustrated gives their predictions on the upcoming Iowa State vs Baylor game.

The BearsIllustrated staff takes aim at the Iowa State game and predicts the score.

Kevin Barrera

BearsIllustrated Co-Owner and Recruiting Coordinator

If there is one thing that can slow down the Baylor offnese, it is probably the run. With that said, the Bears will still put up points on the Cyclones. Iowa State has faced the #2, #3, and now the #1 offenses in consecutive weeks. They gave up 66 to Texas Tech and 45 to TCU, so one would imagine that it will be fairly easy for the Bears to score early and often. However, as pointed out, the Bears will have to deal with the potential for heavy rain and thunderstorms all day. 

In the end, the Bears are just the better team. Whether they win by 3 or 30, the Bears just need to get out of this thing with a win and no injuries. Weather has done a lot of crazy things to games, and the Bears just need to take care of business. I think they will. Easily.

Baylor 52 Iowa State 13

Tim Watkins

BearsIllustrated Co-Owner, Publisher

The only thing that can slow the Bears down in this one is mother nature, and she is coming with a vengeance.  Baylor has already cancelled the parade, bonfire, and most outdoor events around Homecoming weekend.  Football though goes on.  It will be rainy.  It will be windy. It will be nasty. 

This should slow the game down, and make both teams more one-dimensional with the running game.  The clock will also be moving more, which means a slower tempo and fewer possessions.  That results in less drives and fewer points.  

While the margin of victory will still be up to the Baylor standard, the big number on the score board won't be as impressive.  Baylor win easily. 

Baylor 49, Iowa State 14 

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