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Where does Baylor turn to finish the 2016 offensive recruiting side of things

BearsIllustrated takes a look at the offensive targets left on Baylor's 2016 recruiting board

BearsIllustrated takes a look at the offensive targets left on Baylor's 2016 recruiting board. With 6 offensive targets committed, the Bears may only have room for 2-3 more recruitings. 

So on offense Baylor has the following committed:

QB - Zach Smith

RB - Kameron Martin

WR - Denzel Mims, Jared Atkinson, 

OL - Patrick Hudson, JP Urquidez

So where does the staff go from here?

Frankly, there is probably 2-3 spots left on the offensive side of things for this recruiting class. So who is in line for those last two spots? I think it comes down to 2-3 players:

Who are the most probable?

WR - Devin Duvernay

OL - Kellen Diesch

OL - Malcolm Pridgeon

Despite reports that Diesch is likely an A&M lean, you can't throw away the fact that Baylor was basically #2 to Arkansas when he committed to Arkansas originally. With his decommitment, he is taking more trips and seeing more schools. If he goes Big 12, then I believe it will be Baylor. If he goes SEC, then I think it's A&M. Either way, I don't think he is leaving the state.

Long shots?

ATH - Tristan Wallace

WR - Tren'Davian Dickson

These two jumped back on the radar over the past few weeks. I place them as long shots, mostly because they are committed to other programs right now, and until they decommit it will be difficult to project them to Baylor. Wallace wanted to reach out to Baylor on his own, after not hearing or speaking to them since he committed to Ohio State. He is an electric athlete, and would be a very welcomed addition to the Baylor offense. He would be an absolute monster in that H-back/TE position. Kind of like a Jace Amaro type, but more athletic. Would just add a whole other dimension to the Baylor offense.

As for Tren'Davian, I'm sure his renewed interested has a ton to do about how the Baylor WR's are performing. He originally said that he wanted to rethink things, back in February, because he didn't know the type of coach that Wallis would be. Well he knows now. Baylor is set at the QB position for the next several years, and frankly catching passes from Jarrett Stidham probably appeals more to him than catching passes from Shane Beuchelle or Sam Ehlinger (no offense to either of those guys). 

My take:

In the end, I think that Baylor will take one more WR and one OL (maybe a new prospect or something) and will call it a day for offensive recruiting. The likely choice at WR will be Devin Duvernay. Keep an eye on Wallace or TD. If either of those kids decommit, its highly likely that Baylor was able to convince them that they could make an instant impact in this program.


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