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Baylor's Title Hopes Wash Away in Fort Worth

The Baylor Bears fell to the TCU Horned Frogs 28-21 in double overtime. It was a wet, nasty game in Fort Worth, as both teams struggled mightily to handle the wet and cold weather.

What is there to really say about this game?  It was wet, it was cold, and it was nasty. The weather was awful, and truly made this less of a football game, and more of a cheaply done recreation of a Big 10 football game.  This game looked more like the Bears and Frogs battles when both teams were awful, which for most of their existence has been the case.  This wasn't a true battle of top teams firing on all cyclinders. Two teams, injured, beaten and battered entering the game, walked out into a flood and tried to play football.  The end result, a 28-21 win in double overtime for TCU.  The Baylor Bears championship hopes dashed earlier than they have been in 3 years, and no chance at a 3rd consecutive Big 12 title.  

With the Bears offense scoring touchdowns on its first two possessions of the game, and TCU answering in kind with a touchdown of their own, this game seemed to be off to a standard start. Three touchdowns in just under 8-minutes of action.  Then it all stopped.  An offense would not score another touchdown until overtime started with the benefit of having to start at the 25-yard line.  A defensive score by TCU off of a Chris Johnson fumble just past midfield tied the game.  From then on, it was just a battle of field position with nothing really changing. For almost 43 minutes of game action, nothing happened.  Well, there were a few more turnovers, a few blocked punts, and a lot of tackles, but nothing of substance actually happened.  

These two teams were trapped in a river, playing football like one would play water-polo.  Their legs churning continuously but really going nowhere.  After the last regulation touchdown, there were 19 punts, 4 turnovers and two drives ended by half-time/end of regulation.  Just 203 yards of total offense in the 2nd half combined.  No points.  The only serious chance was off of a blocked punt, where the Bears drove the ball 13 yards inside of the 20-yard line and then Chris Johnson fumbled the ball.  That was it.  No other time did either team get within the 30 yard line of the opposition. 

Then overtime hit.  Baylor got the ball first, and used their running game to get the ball down inside the 5-yard line.  A jump-pass from Chris Johnson to Devin Chafin put the Bears up 7.  TCU would answer on the next drive, courtesy of a huge pass interference call on Chance Waz in the endzone on a 3rd and 6.  Boykin was throwing the ball up for grabs to Kolby Listenbee with Xavien Howard in great position.  Waz ran into Listenbee though, and did not turn around to see the ball.  With new life, the Frogs got the ball into the hands of KaVontae Turpin who got them to the goalline before a Trevone Boykin touchdown. 

Turpin would also key the final touchdown of the game, starting the drive off with a 7-yard end around, and finishing it with a 8 yard touchdown catch in the back of the endzone, beating safety Chance Was easily.  

Baylor would have one final shot to win the game, running the ball up the middle to setup a 4th and one.  However, the Baylor offensive line would get no push, as TCU pushed into the backfield and stopped Devin Chafin short of the line to gain  Ballgame.  The Bears fall to 9-2 on the year, with their finale of the 2015 season next weekend against Texas.  TCU finishes the regular season 10-2, and awaits their bowl game selection.  

Stats of the Game

  • It rained, a lot. 
  • There were a combined 23 punts
  • There were a combined 7 turnovers
  • Baylor had more punts than complete passes (10 versus 7)

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