The Authorities Have Found a Body

Since June 11 is how long it's been since anyone has seen or heard from Baylor Basketball Player <b>Patrick Dennehy</b>. Declared missing all that time could change over the next day or two as a body has been found in the Waco area that could turn out to be the missing athlete. <br> If the body is that of Mr. Dennehy, then the family will get closure, but things will really begin heating up for the man at this time, thought to be his killer, Carlton Dotson.

Shortly after 2:00 p.m. today a press conference was held in Waco concerning a body that had been found. The body is suspected of being that of former Baylor Basketball player, Patrick Dennehy.

McLennan County Sheriff Jerry Lynch addressed the media with a brief statement.

"OK, at approximately 7:50 (p.m.) yesterday, I was advised of a body being found by the sheriff's office investigator based on information from Waco Police Department. Location of the body was in an area that had not been previously searched, but in the general vicinity of areas we had searched earlier."

"When I arrived on the scene I made the decision to secure the scene for the evening because of the fading light. This morning at first light we began a thorough collection of all evidence and an examination of the area where the badly decomposed body was found."

"Around 9:00 am today I advised Patrick's family that an unidentified body was found. The body has been taken to the Dallas Southwest Forensic Lab where an autopsy will be performed and identification will be made."

"At this time Waco Police Department and Baylor Department of Public Safety are on the scene, working with the Sheriff's Office and all of our investigators out there."

After those comments by Sheriff Lynch, he opened it up for questions. One question which asked more about an exact location and whether or not the body had been partially buried was answered by the sheriff.

"Those are aspects of the case that I cannot discuss at this time because of the ongoing investigation and we have an officer that has followed the body to the forensic lab there in Dallas to give us more information as soon as he can."

So for now all that is positively known is that a body has been found in the vicinity of where Patrick Dennehy had been searched for since last month.

Meanwhile, based partly on statements made by former teammate Carlton Dotson and other evidence and statements gathered since the disappearance, Dotson was arrested in his home state of Maryland and is being held awaiting extradition back to Texas. Reports say that a hearing has been set for mid-August on the extradition. Dennehy and Dotson were both former transfers. Dennehy came to Baylor from New Mexico and sat out last season to regain his eligibility. Dotson fist attended Buffalo, then transferred to Paris Junior College before coming to Baylor.

Dotson played last year, but his scholarship had not been renewed for the upcoming year. Allegedly, some say that Dotson became jealous of Dennehy imagining that he was going to be taking Dotson's place. Like this, there are so many angles and so much more information about the case that will all have to come out. As the wheels of justice begin to turn one day we might get the full picture of just what occurred.

The condition of the body has been reported as being very poor. Rumors of the body being in parts as well as even the head possibly being missing have also surfaced, but none of that has been verified by Waco authorities. This site will report more as it is made known.

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