Body Positively Identified as Patrick Dennehy

Confirming at least one rumor coming out of the discovery of a body about 5 miles south of Waco on Friday that the head was missing, authorities tonight report finding a head earlier today. The head has now been discovered to be that from the body found on Friday and has been positively identified as being that of missing Baylor University basketball player Patrick Dennehy.

McLennan County Sheriff Larry Lynch announced the findings at approximately 10:00 pm tonight. He offered no other comments or explanation.

Given the location of where the body was found and the amount of evidence collected at the scene, the investigation of the crime has now shifted from the Waco Police Department to the McLennan County Sheriff's Department. It's their jurisdiction, so now they will be heading up the investigation.

Today's gruesome discovery only confirms what many knew would be the only outcome. Patrick Dennehy was killed and his body was discovered in an area in the vincinity of which the accused, Carlton Dotson, showed police as where he alledgedly shot Dennehy because he was trying to shoot him (Dotson). Since then, Dotson has recanted and said he made no such confession.

For now, at least, the family of Patrick Dennehy will get closure. It's been several weeks of not being sure and hopes that somehow Patrick was just missing, but that's all over now. Also it's closure for the Baylor family as they can now stand on their faith to see them through what's bound to be something different than anything else they've been through.

Our prayers should be for both families, for the University, for Coach Bliss, his staff, and the teammates who will now have to deal with losing one of their own, possibly by the hands of another of their own.

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