Baylor vs Arkansas State Video Clips

With the first game of the 2001 season behind us, our attention naturally turns to the upcoming battle with the Golden Gophers. Before that, though, here are four video clips from last Saturday's 24-3 win.

First off, let me make the disclaimer that I am not a professional camera man and the cinematic worth of these clips is extremely questionable.

But, still, I hope you enjoy them and can make out what is going on. I tried to pick the best three and ended up with four decent clips.

Some of these clips are fairly large and depending on your computer and connection speed may take a minute or two to download.

Clip 1 - 532K - Arkansas State has the ball near midfield and throw a swing pass to the near sideline. Despite being blocked, cornerback Randy Davis comes up and plants the ASU receiver.

Clip 2 - 716K - Bears with the ball now and Cicero hands off to Barnett up the middle. Barnett's great spin move in traffic gets him into the secondary.

Clip 3 - 1.2M - Probably the best clip I got. Cicero fakes the hand off and hits Newhouse on a slant. Newhouse spins away from a defender, breaks a tackle and it's a foot race down the sideline. The only play better than this one was Newhouse's 35 yard TD catch and run later in the game.

Clip 4 - 610K - Indian QB Driscoll I believe drops back to pass but is flushed out by pressure on the outside. He tries to make his escape up the middle but is met by Gillenwater and Stevenson for one of Baylor's five sacks.

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