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Winning Games is Secondary Concern for Grobe

Jim Grobe is not here to win football games, at least not as line item number one on his to-do list. He is here to be a good man and lead good men.

Jim Grobe is not here to win football games, at least not as line item number one on his to-do list.  That is a secondary concern as Baylor struggles to rebuild once again after a shocking scandal has destroyed a program from the inside.  Baylor fans saw this 13 years ago, and don't really need to be reminded about the ugly details.  Grobe is here to be a good man, something he excels at.  

With no Scott Drew available and ready to step in with half a year before the season began, the football team was left in a no-win position.  Without a head coach, Baylor had the option to promote from within for an interim coach, look outside for an interim, or go into full scramble trying to get a new head coach and staff in place with no spring ball and under 100 days till the first kickoff of the 2016 football season. 

In the end, the Baylor administration tapped Jim Grobe to lead the program.  The long-time head coach at Ohio and Wake Forest is one of the most respected men in college football.  He is a longtime football man with connections to Baylor royalty in Grant Teaff.  Grobe's recent work with the AFCA after resigning from Wake Forest kept him close to the game.  It also kept him close to Teaff, who was the Executive Director from 1994-2015.  Teaff was also close friends with Fisher Deberry, who mentored Grobe at Air Froce.

Grobe is a very good option in a pile of bad ones. He is an option that will give the Bears a clean face, credibility, morals and a good man to face the tough questions at press conferences. He is at Baylor not to win 10 games, but to keep the train on the tracks as much as possible, to steer the program clear of any more landmines that might be lurking, and to make the tough calls on personnel and coaches that simply should be here anymore.  

As of now, the entire coaching staff is staying.  That could change, after Grobe starts meeting and working with these men.  Let it.  There will be players asked to leave, and there will be players asking to leave.  Let them.  

Jim Grobe is the man of the hour for the Bears, and really the man of the next 6-7 months, not years. Grobe is here to right the ship, get everything in line for December when the Bears begin their real coaching search. Baylor needs a man with this kind of resume as a human, rather than the pluses of his wins as a coach (and there are more than enough there too) to sit in front of the media every week and answer the tough questions that lie ahead.  Could Phil Bennett have done that? Yes, but it was always going to be an uncomfortable fit, best case.  

Baylor University should not be defined by its football team, nor should its football team be defined by this scandal, though it will.  Jim Grobe is not the flashy hire and the big name that some misguided fans wanted to see.  But he is the man you probably want next to you in a huge crisis, the calming force to get you back on your feet and ready to move forward once again.  Wins and losses take a back seat in 2016, and Jim Grobe is perfect for Baylor in that regard. 

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