Big 12 Taking Serious Look at Expansion

Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby talks with Big 12 Digital Network reporter Annabel Stephan about what factors lead the conference to the decision to consider expanding beyond its current ten-team format.

Let Expansion talk begin anew for the Big 12.  Commissioner Bob Bowlsy and Oklahoma President David Boren spoke with the media late Tuesday afternoon about the conferences decision to begin a serious look at expanding the Big 12 from 10 schools to as many as 14.  After Bowlsby spoke with the media, David Boren spoke with Annabel Stephan about what criteria the Big 12 will make their decision off of, and a timeline of events. 

That timeline could see a decision made as early as September on an individual candidate, and that school join the schedule for the 2017-18 season.  Full members and football only members were spoken about as possibilities.  A clause in the existing TV contracts with ESPN and Fox includes a provision to increase the payout for the overall conference to at least maintain the same payout per team if expansion were to occur to 12 or even 14 teams.  

The next few months will be very interesting to watch as potential additions jockey for position, looking to enter the Power-5 Conference VIP list. 

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