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Brenda Tracy Speaks to Baylor Football

Brenda Tracy, a 1998 rape survivor, spoke with the Baylor football team along with other male athletic programs sharing her story.

Monday afternoon, the Baylor football team, along with members from other male athletic programs heard from a woman who was raped by two Oregon State football players in 1998  Brenda Tracy, a rape survivor from Oregon State, has been in the news recently for sharing her story with the Nebraska football team.  They are coached by Mike Riley, who was then the coach at Oregon State.  Hers is a powerful story and one that more programs need to here.  Acting Head Coach Jim Grobe invited Tracy to campus after her story started to receive national attention following her meeting with the Cornhusker football team.  

Coach Riley, with Tracy's permission, gave Grobe her contact information after her visit to Nebraska in June. According to an interview with the Houston Chronicle, Tracy spoke with Grobe twice before agreeing to come to Waco.  "I tried to kind of get a feel for him," Tracy said. "No. 1, he didn't have to take that position. I'm not sure what coach would want to take on that mess, other than someone that wants to help. I feel like he wants to do something good there. And I want to help him."

Tracy told her story to an audience that needs to hear it, one that has to hear it.  It is another step in the right direction for Baylor University and hopefully, college athletics and young men everywhere.

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