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Notes from the Baylor comeback win over Iowa State

A dive into the notebook after the Bears closed a comeback win over Iowa State with a 17-0 run in the fourth quarter.

The fast start that the Bears found against Oklahoma State once again went missing as a 14-0 deficit and a lead that avoided the Bears for all 60-minutes of action.  What the Bears did get was a 14-point 4th quarter deficit comeback win and a last second victory to improve to 5-0 on the season and pick up a difficult Big 12 road win. 

First Quarter Notes

  • The Bears gain just 8 yards on 6 plays and are forced to punt on their first possession. A false starts hurt them after an initial first down. 
  • Baylor gets a huge break as a touchdown is called back for Iowa State for an ineligible receiver downfield. Don't remember the Bears getting the break on that call the past few years. 
  • The reprieve lasts one play as a beautiful catch and run by Deshaunte Jones for 43 yards puts ISU up 7-0.  Orion Stewart and Ryan Reid both lost their jocks on juke moves.
  • Baylor responds with a solid drive deep into ISU territory.  They have the ball on the 25 and 4th and 3. Shock Linwood picks up the first down by going out wide.  However, Blake Blackmar, the guard on the other side of the field away from Linwood, gets called for a holding penalty. Absolutely the right call, but completely unnecessary. Drive killer. 
  • The Bears go for it on 4th and 13 and get an offsides penalty on ISU.  On 4th and 8, Russell hits Lynch but the defense makes a great play.  ISU ball. 
  • Joel Lanning again delivering a perfect ball, this time to Trever Ryen for a 44-yard gain. 4 plays later it is 14-0.  Uhoh. 
  • Something good FINALLY happens.  Seth Russell finds Chris Platt down the seam for a 46-yard gain. Bears are in business.
  • It is a flag party.  Unsportsmanlike calls on ISU and then Baylor.  Mo Porter gets called for a silly one that could have killed another drive, but Seth gets 17 yards on a scramble, and Terence Williams finds the endzone on 4th and 3. 

Second Quarter Notes

  • Baylor's defense is in trouble. Three drives, and three touchdowns for Iowa State.  
  • Big plays down the field are starting to happen for the Bears, with Blake Lynch getting 57-yards from Seth Russell.  The Cyclones are in a 2-deep safety shell, and trying to keep everything in front of them, similar to ALL the defenses the Bears have seen so far.  
  • Sixteen play drive by ISU. Incredible.  7:40 off the clock as well.  Just 5 pass attempts and 11 rushes. The Bears are just getting run over, 4 yards at a time.
  • Shock Linwood is back.  No doubt about it.  An amazing 59 yard run there. This is the best Shock has EVER ran.  
  • Seth Russell touchdown to keep it a 1-score game, but man that was close. Originally ruled a fumble, it was clear Russell had the ball over the goal line and possession, but risky to put an obvious call in the hands of the officials. 
  • The Bears GOT A STOP!  Yeah!!!!  Oh, that was just the end of the half. 

Third Quarter Notes

  • Iowa State gets the ball and more of the same. Thirteen plays this time.  Third and goal from the 9, had a chance to stop it, but Jameson Houston with an awful hold on a receiver. 
  • This is the Shock Linwood show folks.  Another 31-yard run.  Russell gets his first touchdown pass, 5-yarder to Chris Platt who ran a great route.  
  • When you blitz a band is going to play. This time, it was the Cyclone band.  Third and 13, and the Bears come with an all-out blitz.  The Cyclones have the perfect call though, getting Orion Stewart isolated on a receiver and having to deal with a ton of traffic.  46-yarder.  I need a drink. 
  • If the Bears fail to score on another possession, this might turn into a blowout.  Baylor defense is 0-6 on keeping ISU out of the endzone. 
  • And the Bears punt.  Uhoh. 

Fourth Quarter Notes

  • Iowa State has the ball for the first time with a 2-score lead (42-28).  The Bears have kept their serve since the first two possession. A stop here is critical. 
  • Wow, the Bears defense holds!  Great job on 3rd and 9. Good blitz, and one that was disguised a little bit.  
  • The Cyclones defense is gassed. Linwood and Terence Williams are having their way with them.  A 33-yard rush from Williams just got the Bears into ISU territory.  
  • Back to a one-score game as Seth Russell gets into the endzone.  Huge drive, with all but 14-yards coming on the ground. 
  • A three and out by the ISU offense.  They had a chance for a first down, but Lanning missed enough on a swing pass to the RB.  Bears getting the ball with the chance to tie the game for the first time all day. 
  • The first play was a pass for the Bears, 9-yards to Ish Zamora.  After that?  9 runs covering 75 yards. Just total domination.  Tie game folks!
  • Ira Lewis makes a HUGE plays and gets the sack on 3rd and 6. Another three and out by the Bears defense. Where the heck has this been???
  • Baylor has the ball with 4:54 left, needing 85 yards for a touchdown.  Now would be a good time for a game ending drive. 
  • That was a perfect drive by the Bears, taking up EVERY second and giving Chris Callahan a 19-yard field goal to win it.  Incredible.  Seth Russell was in his element there, rushing for 34 yards. 
  • Bears win!  45-42. 
  • The Cyclones ran 9 offensive plays for a grand total of 7 yards. They also had their own 3 punts of the game. Incredible.  

Player Notes

  • Seth Russell doesn't lose. He is now 13-0 as a starter
  • Shock Linwood is now tied for career rushing touchdowns with 35 (Alfred Anderson - 1980-83)
  • Linwood (237 rushing yards) had the 4th-most rushing yards in a game in program history -- it was the 10th 200-rushing yard game in program history.
  • Taylor Young had a career high 17 tackles.
  • Both Shock Linwood (237) and Terence Williams (126) set new career highs in rushing yards in a game.
  • After having 13 tackles for loss against OSU last week, the Bears only had 2 against Iowa State. 

Final Notes

  • The Bears closed the game on a 17-0 run. 
  • Baylor has yet to allow a team to score in the 4th quarter against them. 
  • Baylor is the only FBS team to start 5-0 in each of the last 4 seasons.
  • Baylor has rushed for a touchdown in 33 consecutive games, the longest active streak among Power Five conference teams.
  • Baylor has held opponents scoreless in the 4th quarter in all 5 games this season -- the Bears are outscoring opponents 96-38 in 2nd halves
  • Baylor rushed for 469 yards, 5th-most in a game in program history.
  • 469 rushing yards.  Amazing. 
  • Kaz Kazadi should get the second game ball (after Shock Linwood of course).  The Bears simply outlasted Iowa State. Physically, they were still strong and fast all over the field in the 4th quarter. 

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