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Joe Gastler looks at the rivalry that is Baylor vs Texas

As Baylor vs Texas get ready for Saturday, Joe Gastler shows why this game means more than it ever has.

A Historical Guide to #HexTex

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As recently as about 10-11 years ago, the Baylor-Texas game was one of the best opportunities Baylor got to see what a real college football team looked like up close. Vince Young and Co. running up a 62-0 score on our home field. That game was honestly a little bit fun. It was pretty obvious Texas had the potential to win a National Championship.

In our rivalry, history isn’t in the Bears favor – in fact on paper, this looks very little like a rivalry. The Horns hold a 75-26-4 lead in the series. It would take 49 straight wins for us to catch up. This year’s graduating seniors would be 71 by the time that happened, and it’s not going to. 1999 to 2009 was a decade of domination, just like 1958-1973, and several other lengthy stretches.

In my historical research, I discovered something delightful!

There’s one thing in common about every single coaching change in the last sixty years of Texas football: Baylor won. We won the Baylor-Texas game in the season before the coach resigned, was fired, or moved on. Here’s the history:

1956 – Ed Price goes 1-9, 0-6 in conference, and resigns. Baylor won 10-7.

1976 – Darrell Royal goes 5-5-1, 4-4 in conference, and steps down. Baylor won 20-10.

1986 – Fred Akers goes 5-6, 4-4 in conference, and leaves for Purdue. Baylor won 18-13.

1991 – Dave McWilliams goes 5-6, 4-4 in conference, and resigns. Baylor won 21-11.

1997 – John Mackovic goes 4-7, 2-6 in conference, and gets fired. Baylor won 23-21.

2013 – Mack Brown goes 8-5, 7-2 in conference, and gets fired. Baylor won 30-10.

That covers the entire modern era of college football.

This year, though. This year feels different. The rivalry has been charged before, but never like this. There’s a lot more than a 105-game history behind Saturday’s matchup:

Here are a few reasons why Baylor players, coaches, and fans should be amped out of their minds to make sure we bag Coach #7 this weekend:

Devin Duvernay, JP Urquidez, Donovan Duvernay, Patrick Hudson

“Baylor scandal leads to unprecedented recruiting windfall for Texas” – that ESPN headline actually made me throw something. The superlative nature of the article didn’t do much to ease my frustration. On the one hand, Texas being a landing place for guys who saw a dark future for our program made sense. They’re close, high-profile, and rank 7th all-time for 1st round NFL Draft Picks. On the other hand, they’re being investigated by the NCAA because when they choose to engage in PR War Profiteering, they didn’t do it by the book. I don’t have to wait for the NCAA to hand down a ruling, I was told first-hand.

Chip “Sources Confirm” Brown, Alex “Not Actually NFL” Dunlap

You want receipts? I got your receipts. Chip Brown posted this article claiming that the Board was ousting Starr, not Briles. The backlash was immediate and ugly. If you can’t draw a straight line between that backlash to the Board of Regents suddenly firing Art Briles, please allow me to find you a ruler and a clue.

Alex Dunlap has waged a one-man war to convict Shawn Oakman of sexual assault. Hasn’t happened yet, and I wouldn’t hold my breath that it will. When was the last time Scout, or OurDailyBears, or 247 sent a reporter to the Travis County Courthouse to dig up records? I’m pretty sure most of the Baylor graduates that write for all of our sites have “real jobs,” and generally like writing about Baylor football, not unlike Alex himself.

Lesser Athletes

“When people saw what Baylor and TCU was doing with lesser athletes, everybody jumped on board.” – Charlie Strong

You’ve got to be kidding me, man. I’m not even saying that, on paper, you’re wrong. Our recruiting classes consistently rank below yours. We have two things going for us though: our success in the recent years is because we out-coach you, and we out-condition you. You can sign every egomaniacal 18-year-old in the state for all we care. It doesn’t mean you can make them perform, and it doesn’t mean you can get them ready to play like men.

Bring it, Chuck.


*Joe Gastler is a contributor to and can be followed on twitter @josephgastler.

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