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BearsIllustrated takes a look at some coaches that could soon call Waco home

With a big coaching decision coming, who could the Bears turn to to lead the program moving forward?

For many Bears fans, the million dollar questions is: Who will the next head coach be at Baylor University? 

This is a tough question to answer, at this point in the season, seeing as several of the possible new coaches are in the middle of their respective seasons. There is a growing list of possible candidates and one thing is for sure, the Bears will certainly have the opportunity to make a strong hire in December. 

Until things become more clear, BearsIllustrated has been able to gather the names of a handful of coaches who are realistically in the running to become the new Head Coach at Baylor. Over the next few days, we will go a little more in depth on the coaches respective resumes and what makes them attractive for Baylor, but in the mean time here are 5 coaches that Athletic Director Mack Rhoads will likely speak to (in no particular order). 

1. Tom Herman

Herman is as hot a coaching prospect as there is in college football. The 2nd year Houston coach is going to be targeted by several high major programs and will have his pick for his next job. With Houston being left out of the Big 12 conversation, it would seem likely that Tom Herman will not be on the sidelines for the Houston Cougars next year. 

2. Les Miles

Miles won a National Championship at LSU and is one of the most respected coaches in the college profession. Miles became stubborn and did not evolve on the offensive side of the ball and this ultimately led to his firing from LSU. A recent story published shows that Miles likely realizes that not evolving on offense was his biggest mistake and he has begun studying the offense run by Baylor, Tulsa and Western Michigan, respectively. It just so happens that all three of those jobs will/could be open in December. 

3. Chad Morris

Morris has shot up the coaching ranks and is looked at as a future P5 HC due to his great offensive mind. Morris is no stranger to Texas and has made a once dormant SMU program competitive again. Morris could have an opportunity to jump to the P5 level this offseason.

4. PJ Fleck

Fleck is as hot as Tom Herman right now. Fleck took over a bad Western Michigan program and has turned them into a top 25 program within 4 years. Fleck will most certainly have an opportunity to jump to a major P5 in December.

5. Phillip Montgomery

Like Chad Morris, Montgomery has climbed the ladder as one of the Art Briles pupils back to their time at Stephenville. Montgomery has spend the past 3 yeras at Tulsa and has made them competitive on the national stage. Many believe he would be the best transition for the Baylor program, but Montgomery may want a couple more years of head coaching experience before making the jump to a major P5 school. He may not get that chance as some P5 schools may come calling due to his background running the Art Briles system. 

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